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The badges for this game are based on parts of cases.The first two parts of Case 1 are free for Club Pogo members (only the first one is free for non-members) and the rest of the episodes cost 20 gems each (30 gems for non-members).

While taking this tour, be sure to take some time to look in the many different shops along the way.

We’d run out of space if we tried to list them all, but you can find practically anything in Chinatown.

Following their destruction, city officials decided to put a park in their place. The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars seals are at the bottom of the plaque. Sun, an exiled anti-imperialist known to many as the “Father of Modern China,” worked fervently through the early 1900s to overthrow the Qing dynasty, only to see his efforts rewarded with exile from his home country.

He came to San Francisco and, it is said, often relaxed in St. Unfortunately, his life in San Francisco was not completely restful; agents of the Qing dynasty were constantly searching for him, and he was often in hiding. Cable Car Line The cable car is one of San Francisco’s most iconic sights, and the California St. The San Francisco cable car, invented by Andrew Hallidie in 1873, became one of San Francisco’s most important modes of transportation for the next forty years. line is only one of three remaining cable car lines in San Francisco.

Special holiday cases have been free to Club Pogo members as well.

Case 1, Part 1: Haunted – Haunted Badge Scenes: Claire’s Office, Driveway, Ethan’s Room, Pool Cabana, Driveway Case 1, Part 2: Hidden Romance – Hidden Romance Badge Scenes: Ethan’s Room, Upscale Restaurant, Casual Restaurant, Street View, Small Apartment Case 1, Part 3: Proven – Proven Badge Scenes: Small Apartment, Living Room, Vault, Ethan’s Room, Vineyard Case 2, Part 1: Sibling Rivalry – Sibling Rivalry Badge Scenes: Wine Cellar, Vineyard, Study, Wine Bar, Wine Cellar Case 2, Part 2: Ashes to Ashes – Ashes to Ashes Badge Scenes: Study, Winston’s Room, Wine Bar, Stables, Cliffs Case 2, Part 3: Taking Flight – Forgiven Badge Scenes: Cliffs, Airport, Streets of New York, Hotel Room, Claire’s Office Case 3, Part 1: The Cake Case – It’s a Sign Badge Scenes: Pantry, Bakery Kitchen, Cafe, Padeiro’s Apartment, Pantry Case 3, Part 2: Cake-Off – Mother’s Love Badge Scenes: Pantry, Industrial Kitchen, Ballroom, Dessert Table, Living Room Christmas Special: The Christmas Ball – Christmas Special Badge Scenes: Christmas Ballroom, Kitchen, Ice Skating Rink, Conservatory, Christmas Ballroom Case 4, Part 1: The Craven Crime – It isn’t the Illusion Badge Scenes: Le Grand Hotel Room, Cravens’ Mansion, Curtis’ Condo, Cravens’ Mansion, Illusia Lobby Case 4, Part 2: Ante Up – Poker Badge Scenes: Buffet, Illusia Lobby, Poker Table, Poker Table, Rooftop Club Case 4, Part 3: High Roller – Secret Wedding Badge Scenes: The Strip, Casino, The Strip, Wedding Chapel, Rooftop Club Case 4, Part 4: Bad Omen – Spirit’s Wrath Badge Scenes: Curtis’ Condo, Airport, Limo, Docks, Cravens’ Yacht Valentine’s Special: Secret Admirer – Valentine’s Special Badge Scenes: Classroom, School Plaza, Casual Restaurant, Classroom, Party House Case 5, Part 1: Tangled Hearts – Exposed Secret Badge Scenes: Claire’s Office, Theater, Dressing Room, Limo, Love Suite Case 5, Part 2: Spring Fling – Make Up Badge Scenes: Love Suite, Flower Shop, Reception Desk, Theater, Piazza Case 5, Part 3: All That Glitters – Lost and Found Badge Scenes: Dressing Room, Boarding School, Stables, Polo Field, Library Case 6, Part 1: Quiet on the Set – Detective Claire Badge Scenes: Claire’s Office, Police Station, TV Studio, Zoo, Police Station Case 6, Part 2: Last Stop – Justice Over Friendship Badge Scenes: Police Station, Union Square, Train Station, Night Club, Train Station Case 7, Part 1: Tropical Tragedy – Broken Bridge Badge Scenes: Street View, Island House, Beach, Docks, Forest Case 7, Part 2: Tropical Thief – Treasure Thief Badge Scenes: Forest, River, Waterfall, Waterfall Cave, Beach Case 7, Part 3: Tropical Truth – The Most Precious Badge Scenes: River, Coral Reef, Island, Observatory, Island House Mother’s Day: The Greatest Gift – Mother’s Day Special Badge Scenes: Claire’s Office, Spa, Art Studio, Stadium, Claudia’s Home Case 8, Part 1: The Art Critic – The Fake Painting Badge Scenes: Vault, Art Studio, Cottage, Dark House, Castle Case 8, Part 2: The Art Vendor – The Art Thief Badge Scenes: Art Studio, Museum, Restaurant, Mural, Victorian Mansion Case 8, Part 3: The Art Thief, Part 1 – Catching the Thief Badge Scenes: Police Station, Art Studio, Estate, Hallway, Estate Bedroom Case 8, Part 4: The Art Thief, Part 2 – I Cherish You Badge Scenes: Estate Bedroom, Hallway, Woods, Banquet Hall, Bed and Breakfast Case 9, Part 1: The Ghost – A Little Girl’s Treasure Map Badge Scenes: Barn, Wine Cellar, General Store, Bar and Grill, Stables Case 9, Part 2: The Treehouse – A Little Girl’s Secret Badge Scenes: Stables, Lake, Treehouse, Barn, Country Dance Case 9, Part 3: Tokens of Love – A Little Girl’s Letter Badge Scenes: Country Home, Cornfield, Treehouse, Country Dance, London Case 10, Part 1: Unfortunate – The Unfortunate Fortune Badge Scenes: Hotel Room, The Athletic Stadium, The Aquatic Center, Chinese Restaurant, Train Station Case 10, Part 2: Unlucky – The Race Sabotage Badge Scenes: The Aquatic Center, Tea Parlour, London Pub, London, Streets of London Case 10, Part 3: Undeterred – The Gold Badge Scenes: Athletes’ Village, Streets of London, The Countryside, English House, The Athletic Stadium End of Summer Special: Lost and Found – Sisters Power Badge Scenes: Airport, Tea Parlour, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Covent Garden Case 11, Part 1: Scavenger Hunt – Scavenger Hunt Badge Scenes: Estate, Backyard, Wine Cellar, Wharf, Amusement Park Case 11, Part 2: Losers Weepers – Losers Weepers Badge Scenes: Pool Cabana, Science Center, Dojo, Farmer’s Market, Conservatory Case 11, Part 3: Finders Keepers – Finders Keepers Badge Scenes: Hair Salon, Bowling Alley, Small Apartment, Garage, Claire’s Office Case 12, Part 1: All Aboard – The Cruise Badge Scenes: Docks, Concert Stage, Buffet, Ship Corridor, Luxury Suite Case 12, Part 2: Cruise Crisis – The Lonely Ring Badge Scenes: Bar and Grill, Deck, Cargo Hold, Mall, Spa Case 12, Part 3: Cruise Control – The Bride Badge Scenes: Cargo Hold, Marina, Wedding Chapel, Waterpark, Plane Case 13, Part 1: Last Words – The Self-Typing Typewriter Badge Scenes: Lake, Cabin, Rural Gas Station, Woods, Abandoned Breakroom Case 13, Part 2: Last Will – The Last Will Badge Scenes: Rural Gas Station, Diner, Park Gazebo, Attic, Cabin Case 13, Part 3: Last Goodbye – The Last Goodbye Badge Scenes: Main Street, Gift Shop, Apartment, Abandoned Breakroom, Cemetery Case 14, Part 1: The Heirloom – The Hummingbirds Badge Scenes: Coffee Shop, Van der Walt Vault, Estate Bedroom, Estate Grounds, Estate Parlor Case 14, Part 2: Catching Up – The Pendant Badge Scenes: Chocolate Shop, Backstage Area, Upscale Restaurant, Wine Bar, Jewelry Store Case 14, Part 3: Family Treasure – The Family Treasure Badge Scenes: Backstage Area, Condo, Estate Garage, Summer House Porch, Summer House Christmas Special: Santa’s Little Helpers – Santa’s Little Helpers Badge Scenes: Cafe, Toy Store, Sporting Goods Store, Casual Restaurant, Holiday Store Case 15, Part 1: First Date – First Date Badge Scenes: Entryway, Teppanyaki Grill, Concession Stand, Street View, Police Station Case 15, Part 2: First Thrill – The Poisonous Apple Badge Scenes: Amusement Park, Menagerie, Magic Room, Service Hallway, Police Station Case 15, Part 3: First Kiss – First Kiss Badge Scenes: Parking Lot, Desert, Shooting Range, Small Apartment, Entryway Case 16, Part 1: The Inheritance – The Mysterious Box Badge Scenes: Upscale Restaurant, Claire’s Family Room, Hedge Garden, Dojo, Lake House Case 16, Part 2: Puzzling Momento – The Carpenter Badge Scenes: Cherry Lake, Garage, Country Club, Bookstore, Hallway Case 16, Part 3: Final Wish – The Chosen Badge Scenes: Fitness Center, Estate Bedroom, Study, Bank, Tea Garden Valentine’s Special: Party Favor – The Happy Valentine’s Badge Scenes: Valentine’s Party, Pergola, Pantry, Van der Walt Bedroom, Mansion Entrance Case 17, Part 1: Casting Call – The Rockstar Badge Scenes: Museum, Sushi Restaurant, Limo, Boutique, Penthouse Case 17, Part 2: Starstruck – The Newspaper Clips Badge Scenes: Penthouse, Concert Dressing Room, Stadium Stage, Tour Bus, Rooftop Club Case 17, Part 3: Curtain Call – The Love Triangle Badge Scenes: Tour Bus, Concert Backstage, Concert Dressing Room, Concert Suite, Lounge Case 18, Part 1: The Consultation – The Humidor Badge Scenes: Casual Restaurant, San Francisco Street, Jewelry Store, Mansion Study, Smoking Room Case 18, Part 2: Buried Secrets – The Recruitment Badge Scenes: Police Station, Funeral Home, Mansion Study, Family Tomb, Brick Apartment Case 18, Part 3: Club Dues – The Clairvoyant’s Journal Badge Scenes: Brick Apartment, Apiary, Stables, Grand Hall, Club House Case 19, Part 1: Inn Memoriam – The Forgotten Inn Badge Scenes: Claire’s Family Room, Inn Room, Spa, Walking Path, Inn Lobby Case 19, Part 2: Keepsakes – The Forgotten Love Badge Scenes: Inn Lobby, Maid’s Closet, Inn Room, Inn Cellar, Rocky Cove Case 19, Part 3: The Lighthouse – The Forgotten Message Badge Scenes: Light House, Light House Interior, Walking Path, Maid’s Closet, Inn Garden Mother’s Day: The Locket – Mother’s Heirloom Badge Scenes: Entryway, Hawaii Photo, Chocolate Shop, Picnic, Vanity Table Case 20, Part 1: Chance Encounter – An Angry Wife Badge Scenes: San Francisco Park, Diner, Mural, Flea Market, Bingo Hall Case 20, Part 2: Runaround – Unimpressive Treasure Badge Scenes: Convenience Store, Wharf, Seafood Restaurant, San Francisco Park, Front Yard Case 20, Part 3: About Time – Listening Is Key Badge Scenes: Front Yard, Living Room(2), Sewing Room, Flea Market, Clock Shop Case 21, Part 1: Night to Remember – The Missing Memories Badge Scenes: Claire’s Bedroom, Troy’s Apartment, Coffee Shop, Entryway, Front Entrance Case 21, Part 2: Misplaced Memories – The Amulet of Forgetfulness Badge Scenes: Brick Apartment, Laundry, Statue Garden, Club House, Rare Books Room Case 21, Part 3: Tracing Steps – The Hammer of Remembrance Badge Scenes: Rare Books Room, Sun Room, Outdoor Bistro, Front Entrance, Hatchback Trunk Club Pogo 10 Years The Photo Album – Club Pogo 10 Years Badge Scenes: Sushi Restaurant, Cluttered Living Room, Attic, Home Office, Moving Truck Case 22, Part 1: Island Getaway – The Tiki Badge Scenes: Claire’s Bedroom, Baggage Claim, Island House, Luau, Surf Shop Case 22, Part 2: Trouble in Paradise – The Journey To Home Badge Scenes: Outdoor Supply Store, Waterfall, Remote Shack, River, Forest Trail Case 22, Part 3: Out to Sea – The Tiki’s Home Badge Scenes: Remote Shack, Shack Interior, Waikiki Restaurant, Boat, Dive Site Case 23, Part 1: Party Foul – The Family Love Badge Scenes: Courtyard Party, Hallway, Bathroom, Vanity Table, Walk-in Closet Case 23, Part 2: To Catch a Thief – The Sloppy Artist Badge Scenes: Marina, Houseboat, Soap Shop, Mansion Porch, Backstage Area Case 23, Part 3: Red Handed – The Secret Couple Badge Scenes: Apartment Lobby, Studio Apartment, Courtyard Party, Front Entrance, Beck’s Apartment Case 24, Part 1: The Lost House – The Haunted House Badge Scenes: Troy’s Apartment, Produce Stand, Gas Station, Abandoned Greenhouse, Haunted House Porch Case 24, Part 2: Trapped – The Angry Spirit Badge Scenes: Haunted House Porch, Haunted Basement, Haunted Dining Room, Smoking Room, Staircase Landing Case 24, Part 3: Breaking Out – The Big Secret Badge Scenes: Haunted Parlor, Haunted Bedroom, Staircase Landing, Haunted Vestibule, Abandoned Greenhouse Case 25, Part 1: Empty Cupboards – The Philanthropist’s Pen Badge Scenes: Outdoor Bistro, Meal Center, Bakery Kitchen, Supply Pantry, Maxwell’s Office Case 25, Part 2: Giving Thanks – The Philanthropist’s Will Badge Scenes: Estate, Pergola, Indoor Pool, Rumpus Room, Awards Room Case 25, Part 3: Taking Stock – The Philanthropist’s Legacy Badge Scenes: Law Office, Supply Pantry, Grocery Produce Section, Grocery Meat Section, Meal Center Case 26, Part 1: Claus Out – The Naughty Elf Badge Scenes: Entryway, Hospital Room, Alley, Service Hallway, Santa’s Chair Case 26, Part 2: Elven Conspiracy – The Poor Nutcracker Badge Scenes: Santa’s Chair, Employee Lockers, Alley, Santa’s Village, Elf Workshop Case 26, Part 3: Who’s Been Naughty – The Lovely Santa Badge Scenes: Holiday Store, Christmas Carousel, Christmas Living Room, Mall Christmas Tree, Elf Workshop New Year’s Special: Year’s End – The Happy New Year Badge Scenes: Bookstore, Garage, Art Show, Messy Guest Room, New Year’s Party Case 27, Part 1: Dog Gone – The Dog Whistle Badge Scenes: Teppanyaki Grill, Country Home, Ranch Porch, Ranch Backyard, Doghouse Case 27, Part 2: On the Scent – The Dog Toy Badge Scenes: Architect’s Office, Modernist House, Ranch Backyard, Doghouse, Pond Case 27, Part 3: Ruff Reunion – The Doggie Badge Scenes: Barn, Barn Interior, Summer House Porch, Kitchen, Patio Deck Valentine’s Special: Penguin Valentine – The Penguins Badge Scenes: Soap Shop, Rainforest Dome, Penguin Room, Science Center, Museum Gift Shop Case 28, Part 1: Tahoe Getaway – The Heron Pin Badge Scenes: Claire’s Bedroom, Woods Cabin, Cliffs, Cabin Exterior, Lodge Lobby Case 28, Part 2: The Heron Pin – The Online Dating Badge Scenes: Lodge Office, Lodge Lobby, Lodge Dining Room, Cabin Exterior, Wood Shop Case 28, Part 3: The Hidden Safe – The Grandma’s Love Badge Scenes: Wood Shop, Jarrod’s Room, Lodge Attic, Lodge Exterior, Woods Cabin Case 29, Part 1: Piazza della Cisterna – The Reminiscence Badge Scenes: Airport, Hotel Reception, Hotel Room, Fresco, Cisterna Case 29, Part 2: The Carved Heart – The Nostalgia Badge Scenes: Hotel Reception, Gelato Shop, Hotel Patio, Piazza, Pisa Tower Case 29, Part 3: Charmed – The Recollections Badge Scenes: Vineyard, Hotel Spa, Wine Cellar, Courtyard, Balcony Case 30, Part 1: A Lady Vanishes – The Missing Clairvoyant Badge Scenes: Edwardian Living Room, Study, Edwardian Bedroom, Book Shop, Brick Apartment Case 30, Part 2: The Masked Man – The Skeleton Key Badge Scenes: Union Square, Seafood Restaurant, Voodoo, Storeroom, Southern Home Case 30, Part 3: Inside the Fog – The Mysterious Mask Badge Scenes: Southern Living Room, Meeting Room, Mausoleum, Abandoned Greenhouse, Edwardian Living Room Case 31, Part 1: Shadow Show – The Out of Shadow Badge Scenes: Beck’s Apartment, Penthouse, Startup Lounge, Startup Office, Bus Stop Case 31, Part 2: Sharks – The Invisible Hand Badge Scenes: Coffee Shop, Startup Office, Chinatown, Chinatown Apartment, Techstore Case 31, Part 3: Shadows Exposed – The Exposed Shadow Badge Scenes: SOMA Apartment, Law Office, Startup Lounge, Auditorium Stage, Purse Case 32, Part 1: Surprise Nuptials – Wedding Planner Badge Scenes: Small Apartment, 70s Living Room, Tea Parlour, Dress Shop, Jet Case 32, Part 2: Mysterious Memories – The Hawaiian Luau Badge Scenes: Lobby, Luau, Poolside, 70s Living Room, Village Square Case 32, Part 3: Beach Wedding – The Beach Wedding Badge Scenes: Lobby, Beach, Maui Hotel, Beach Wedding, Wedding Buffet 4th of July Special: Back from Bagram – The Aim High Badge Scenes: Cable Car, Sporting Goods Store, Wharf Gift Shop, Pier 39, Stadium Case 33, Part 1: Rendezvous – The All’s Faire Badge Scenes: Cafe Bakery, Front Gate, Cash Register, Blacksmith Shop, Abandoned Break Room Case 33, Part 2: The Missing Helm – The Medieval Mystery Badge Scenes: Front Gate, Police Office, Renfaire Village, Service Hallway, Castle Dining Hall Case 33, Part 3: A Royal Forgery – The Historic Helm Badge Scenes: Blacksmith Shop, Costume Shop, Faire Office, Renfaire Village, Castle Dungeon Case 34, Part 1: Florida Keys – The Florida Vacation Badge Scenes: Bn B Lobby, Docks, Vacation Condo, Bed and Breakfast, Condo Lawn Case 34, Part 2: The Lost Galindo – The Maritime Adventure Badge Scenes: Condo Lawn , Cuban Restaurant, Houseboat Exterior, Vacation Condo, Maritime Museum, Case 34, Part 3: Out of Her Depth – The Sunken Ship Badge Scenes: Houseboat, Expedition Ship , Yacht, Satchel, Sunken Ship Pogo Anniversary Special – The Sweet Celebration Badge Scenes: Zoo, Aquarium , Carnival, Picnic, Puzzle Case 35, Part 1: Pioneer Spirit – The Pioneer Days Badge Scenes: Gas Station, Pioneer Home , Prairie Living Room, Historical Society, Abandoned Barn Case 35, Part 2: A Prairie Story – The Prairie Voice Badge Scenes: Sugar House, Country Store , Prairie Kitchen, Prairie Living Room, Writing Desk Case 36, Part 1: Reunited – The Tea Gardens Badge Scenes: Diner, Japanese Garden , San Francisco Park, Haight Ashbury, Thai Restaurant Case 36, Part 2: Early Memories – The Flashback Claire Badge Scenes: Island House, Claire’s Room , Forest, School Hallway, Ice Cream Parlor Case 36, Part 3: Secrets in the Vault – The Secret Study Badge Scenes: Thai Restaurant, Detective Office , Mansion Study, Secret Study, Bank Vault Case 36, Part 4: Country Cottage – The Reunited Badge Scenes: Family Room, Country Home , English Cottage, Country Garden, Cottage Interior Halloween Special: Halloween Haunt – The Halloween Treat Badge Scenes: Haunted Entrance, Magic Room , Spooky Castle, Dark House, Halloween Treats Case 37, Part 1: Lavender Haze – The Petits Fours Badge Scenes: Detective Office, Tea House , Glass Workshop, Lavender Living Room, Indoor Pool Case 37, Part 2: The Unicorn’s Gift – The Lucky Gift Badge Scenes: Art Gallery, Lavender Living Room , Lavender Bedroom, Glass Workshop, Mansion Party Travel with Claire: Garden City – The Travel with Claire Badge Scenes: Hotel Office, Hotel Tea Service , Beacon Hill Park, Chinese Restaurant, Hotel Elevator Case 38, Part 1: Holly and Ivy – The Snowman’s Folly Badge Scenes: Bar and Grill, Storefront , Women’s Department, Security Room, Alley Case 38, Part 2: Holiday Derailed – The Christmas Train Badge Scenes: Shelter Dining Hall, Supply Pantry , Women’s Department, Christmas Window, Utility Room Case 38, Part 3: Faux Claus – The De-Claused Badge Scenes: Downtown Deli, Security Room , Santa’s Throne, Christmas Carousel, Elf Hut New Year’s Eve Special: Tahoe Snow – The Auld Lang Syne Badge Scenes: Lodge Lobby, Old Cabin , Outdoor Supply Shop, Ski Lift, Ski Resort Case 39, Part 1: Mythmaking – The Back in New Orleans Badge Scenes: Hotel Front Desk, Voodoo , NOLA Restaurant, Southern Living Room, Voodoo Museum Case 39, Part 2: Voodoo Priestess – The Unseen Powers Badge Scenes: Voodoo Museum , Small Library, Antebellum Living Room, Meeting Room, Voodoo Tomb Case 39, Part 3: King Cake – The Mardi Gras Badge Scenes: Voodoo Tomb, Antebellum Living Room , Antebellum Bedroom , Antebellum Greenhouse, Mardi Gras Case 40: Picnic in the Park – The Sunset Swans Badge Scenes: Claire’s Bedroom, Bank Teller , Chocolate Shop , Wave Organ, Park Palace Case 41, Part 1: Family’s Friendly – The Brother and Sister Badge Scenes: Plane, Lauderdale Hotel , Teal Dining Room , Conservatory, Florida Sunroom Case 41, Part 2: Sister’s Secret – The Las Olas Badge Scenes: Florida Sunroom, Lauderdale Beach, Lauderdale Hotel Bathroom , Beach Living Room , Teal Dining Room Case 42, Part 1: Seacliff – The Seal Rock Badge Scenes: Airport Terminal, Troy’s Apartment, Family Room , Lo’s Living Room , Lacquered Cabinet St Patrick’s Special: Claire’s Luck – The Luck o’ the Irish Badge Scenes: Beauty Salon, Estate Grounds, Van der Walt Vault , St.

To boost tourism in the neighborhood, representatives began encouraging the use of traditional Chinese designs and architecture, much of which you will see as you walk along Chinatown’s “Main Street,” Grant Ave. Though most are souvenir shops for tourists, you never know what fun things you might find. and Pine St., cross Pine and make an immediate right. Though the area is fairly calm now, during San Francisco’s rough and tumble Gold Rush days, the square housed some of San Francisco’s most notorious houses of prostitution. First, on metal fence near the center of the square is the San Francisco Chinese American War Memorial plaque dedicated to those Chinese Americans who served and gave their lives for the United States during World Wars I and II.

As you begin descending Pine, you will see the entrance to St. The area changed drastically in 1906 when the houses were destroyed in the fires caused by the great earthquake. The plaque lists the names of those killed and shows the emblems of the different branches of the military represented by Chinese Americans. Mary’s Square is a Benny Bufano statue of Sun Yat-sen, erected in 1937.

Sun Yat-sen’s famous words, “The world is for all, all is for the people,” are inscribed in traditional Chinese characters on the Chinatown Dragon Gate. This particular line was put in by none other than Leland Stanford (sound familiar? Stanford, whose mansion was just up the street on Nob Hill, made a vast fortune putting in railway lines around the country.

Benny Bufano, the sculptor of Sun’s statue, was born in Italy but lived in San Francisco for much of his life. He remains one of the Bay Area’s most controversial figures, as the Chinese laborers who laid the rails for his business were vastly underpaid and extremely overworked. Mary’s Cathedral (1853) One of the longest standing structures in San Francisco, Old St.

We begin this walking tour at the iconic Chinatown Dragon Gate, the entry to Chinatown, and complete it farther north along Grant Ave., where Chinatown and North Beach intersect.