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You might even want to consider buying lifts to put in your shoes when you go out.

An exchange between a couple on mobile app Tinder has gone viral after a lovelorn suitor went to blows with his date.

After the pair matched, the mystery woman poured hot water on any plans of a future date after telling him: “5’1.

When a girl sees you, let her first thought be “I know he’s shorter than I typically like, but boy he’s got a great body” or “He’s kind of short, but he’s so hot! Short guys often hear shit about their height from women.

Online dating is a minefield at the best of times but this awkward Tinder exchange proves just how volatile it can be.

The studies confirm that dating as a short guy is hard mode.

Simply put, there are very few couples where the woman is taller. What this means is that guys who are shorter than average have a much more limited pool of women to date at the start than their taller brethren.Don’t vent about their height preferences or “call them out” for heightism.If you must vent, do it around guy friends or with your therapist.Their exchange has been seen nearly 190,000 times since it was shared on Imgur.But surprisingly, web users are more outraged by her obsession over height.Still, short guys have to work harder and be extra attractive compared to their taller friends. Tall guys have a built in advantage just for existing. In addition, I’ve successfully taught these skills to my coaching clients, many of whom are short. They’ll work for you too if you give them a chance.