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Every so often they would quiet down for a couple of minutes and then the expletives would start again. Another slap, another moan echoed down the hallway. When a squeal of pleasure and the sound of fucking resumed I could picture my mom on her hands and knees while Peter took her from behind. It was always followed by a primal sound of pleasure. Later I would try to analyze why hearing my mom ask permission to cum would trigger that response in me. Again I wished I could see her exact position, but it was clear from the sounds emanating from the bedroom that he was really giving it to her hard and fast. When I heard him say On your knees, I knew it wasnt the latter. I have not seen a lot of porno, but I knew what On your knees, followed by a moan meant. He was wearing pants and a shirt and carrying a pair of leather dress shoes. I heard his phone buzz, thankfully on vibrate mode. He then took his phone and sent me the pictures of me sucking his dick. I went back into my room, turned out the light, fell on the bed and started masturbating again. I peeked out of my bedroom door to see if there was any evidence that my mom was up yet. There were two silver balls that looked like large ball bearings.

I wasnt sure what was happening during those quiet times but once I did hear him say Thats right baby. After that I had a pretty good idea what was going on. I had been leaning against the wall next to my door, but now I crawled as quietly as I could toward her room. Ill get this ass nice and red for you, baby, I heard Peter say. But at that moment no rational thought was possible. My nipples were harder than they had ever been and my pussy was pulsating. This time her voice had a much greater sense of urgency. I guess he was human after all and eventually needed to cum. He looked at me and I looked at him but neither of us spoke. I returned to the hallway and handed him the phone. He had control of his emotions far beyond any of the boys Id ever been with. The first one showed my face looking with great anticipation. No doubt she will want a repeat performance of tonight but will be concerned you are here. Her door was seemingly in the same open position from last night so I assumed she was still passed out. I just snuck down the stairs and quietly out the back door. If she passed out again and he and I were in the basement it might work. I wasnt sure what they were and was confused by how I would wear them.

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In fact my fingers were already dancing over my clit before I heard her bedroom door open. Between an endless chorus of fuck me harder and make me your whore which I wouldnt believe came out of my moms mouth if you paid me, and four really good orgasms I experienced on my fingers, I realized that she was cumming while he fucked her. Obviously this had not been the experience I had with the few boys I let inside of me All of a sudden juices flooded my pussy and I had the single best orgasm I ever had. My imagination gave me a good picture, but I wanted to be sure. I heard him say No, not yet, and then he spanked her twice. My orgasm crashed through my brain and washed over my body. My fingers resumed rubbing my clit drawing the climax out as long as I could. My warped mind immediately knew he had pulled out but was mom upset that her pussy was empty or had be pressed the head of his cock against her asshole. Go to sleep now baby, he told her in a soothing voice. My breathing was getting back to normal although my multiple orgasms had my strength zapped.I was shaking as climax after climax shattered my young, inexperienced body as I sat on the floor with my head peaking out of my bedroom door. He kept up with my mom longer than I could believe. After a few more spanks her cooing had switched to throaty moans and he declared, Your juices are really flowing now, baby. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) my instinct not to get caught kept me from crawling all the way to moms door. My body shook and shook as my orgasm, once it took hold, would not let go. I was still lying in the hall in a puddle of my juices when she started to cum. Given all Id learned about my mom that night, anal sex was hardly out of bounds. Then in a panic I recognized I was still lying in the hallway in my underwear with my hand in my panties. Standing above me looking down at me was a very handsome man. I stretched; feeling tired, and then remembered what had happened the night before. I quickly dressed in the clothes I had worn yesterday.I didnt turn to drugs, alcohol or sex to dull the pain.I was already competitively swimming and that plus school took all my time. She dated occasionally, but really didnt talk too much about the guys she saw.My friends always told me the first time was not satisfying and they were right.

I hoped it was just because he didnt know what he was doing and hoped things would get better. My next boyfriend pressured me on our second date to suck his cock. He was good looking and told me he other girlfriend all gave him head so I did too. My girlfriends and I had discussed that previously as well.

He wasnt pressuring me to fuck him, which seemed weird, but my friends said that was good because then I couldnt get pregnant.

And besides, hell never get you off as good as your fingers. I didnt want them finding out I had never had an orgasm (or masturbated for that matter) so I quickly dispatched both problems. Why hadnt I done this earlier, I mused as I lay panting on my bed after my first cum.

My mom didnt start dating right away after dad left. In retrospect she must have been getting her sexual needs tended to, but at least until I was in college I never really noticed.

She worked a lot and went to the gym at least 5 days a week. Sure I could tell when her attitude got a little bitchy that she (as my best friend described) needed to get laid but we didnt really talk about it.

At least my mom could take care of me if I was stuck in bed. Luckily one of my friends happened to arrive at that moment.