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Why could vampires not evolve, over time, the same attitudes, perhaps even extending to their prey a kind of love? Can she escape before it is too late, or have her days in the classroom ended.

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Dr Choi no longer trusts Heather and enlists Betsy in a plot to replace Heather as head of her empire.Although Heather does not trust Dr Choi, she fails to understand the connection he has made with Betsy. Amy, the manager at a 5 Star Hotel also has a unique skill. However, it is a skill she swore she would not use.Taking a chance, she wrote to an author explaining how recent writing had pushed her hot buttons. After all, she thought, transformations were only works of fiction, or were they?Jamie Sullivan was one of the youngest lawyers on the staff of Barnes, Henry and Smith, a prestigious law firm on the East Coast.Can Paper Doll triumph, or will this new adversary leave her out cold?

Something is happening on the sorority scene at a major Southern University.

She was assigned to work on a patent and trademark case for Smithers Pharmaceuticals. The superhero couple Eugene and Lacie Frasier have been blessed with twins—Katie and Jimmy.

When everything seemed perfect, Eugene’s villainous brother Duncan who was long presumed dead calls and threatens him.

Ella, her best friend, decides to try for an intervention.

Will it be successful or is Em now happy in front of the camera responding to Lara’s commands?

With nowhere else to turn, vigilante crimefighter Josie Cade must seek the help of an evil sorceress to solve the one case that has haunted her.