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You have to get over all that feminist crap and show a new bitch whose boss. Carefully I reached under her and joined her ankles under the horses' 'belly' and then secured her arms behind her with another pair of cuffs. He reached under the table, retrieved and then positioned the pliers inside her denuded spread open sex ... Her legs were then bent and twisted up close to her naked body, so that her feet resided up close by her ears. In front of you're eyes is a teleprompter, like device. aaaaa..." She begged as I added the additional fluid to her intestines and then walked out on the bloated piggie. After reviewing the tape, he disconnected the hose, and rotated Claudia spasming body again 180 degrees.

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"This ain't some damn no count bridge game or ladies social tea, BITCH! A look of fear crossed her face, but then resignation showed as I continued to confidently probed her mouth with my tongue. As the metal leash attached to the ring in her labia pulled her forward.

I could also smell the sexual excitement emanating from her. I don't like that..." "I Uh Well you see...." She tried to explain but I cut her off. " With that I kissed her pouting red lips and reached around and undid her bra's clasp. You will agree, I'm sure this is no way to travel quickly. With out a word, I lifted my big boot and lazily pushed her chained nudity down into the muddy plowed field. "I told ....." Wack "To stay..." wack "Where I .." wack "Put your nasty ass" wack... " she managed to snivel as I rolled her over to assure she was thoroughly covered with the sticky red mud, all over... I flicked my belt, not to hurt, just to get her attention, into a glancing touch with her right rib section. Through a sea of white, and the pounding of her brain, Claudia perceived HIM standing there smiling down on her displayed nudity. The steady pounding in her head, was now joined by a stabbing pain, deep inside the fold of her crotch.

" Bethany inquired, delightedly drunk with her newly found mastery over the dirty naked chained fully grown woman .. I'll be good." Claudia swallowed her pride and surrendered herself to the exploring hands and fingers of the brazen little moppet. The soft warm foamy soap that aided the denuding of her pubs was just delightful in her exhausted aroused state. The pain in her crotch had been enough to break up the euphoria, but his clit stimulation, soon had her mind confusing the pain with her pleasure.

You are all muddy and I don't want ya messing up the inside, of the truck, besides, I know you'll love the nice horsie ride in the fresh air..." I retorted... Are you going to be a good little bitch or should I just twist this off? again.) He attached her joined hands over her head to the top of the table and spread her legs wide so her body took on a 'Y' shape on the table top, face up.

So as to not appear anxious I waited with my stogie gripped firmly in my gleaming teeth. Now she looked up and appeared to be soo scared seated there. "Bethany I need some shots of the piggie walking around nicely on her leash. " Bethany inquired with those innocent sparkling eyes enjoying every minute of her control over the naked woman.

If you are offended by non consensual sex, violence, S&M ... As she turn in to the lot and circle looking for me, I picked her out immediately. Without a word I opened the trunk and with another lip lock, I forced her back and then down into the confined space. Her total nudity compelled her to try to crotch down. Claudia's brain screamed though the pounding of the liquor induced hangover.

As I slammed the lid and I ordered, "I want a nice little nude fuck bunny when I open this again or I'm gonna take my belt to your ass. " Leaving her there, I went around to the car door, got in, adjusted the seat and mirror, and drove it out of the lot. Would you be kind enough to lead her over there by the wooden fence, please? "Just like I had you do when you lead the dog last time.

Being careful I back tracked a few times to be sure she was thoroughly lost before I went to the quiet place I had scouted out before for the next part of our little affaire. And then lead her right back here." he told the little girl. Keep leading her round and round the yard while I get the shots I need for her dossier." He explained following the action with his trusty still camera.

Quickly she straightened up and stood at attention before me. I drove her car to my home and parked it in the back of my barn. Then I aided her in expelling the spent liquor from her intestines. their wasn't any choice or the slightest objection on her part. The bounding inside her head intensified a hundred fold. She knew, she was outside, somewhere, naked and she felt for the covers .. Looking down she forced her eyes open, and she saw that the chain lead, from her neck to a fence post firmly driven in the ground, and another padlock secured it there. Young Bethany here has come all the way over here, to play with your ass." He explained to his now freezing trembling animal Through her partially open eye slits Claudia perceived the little girl from yesterday.

"Now stay here and wait for me." I demanded over my shoulder as I got in her car and drove off, leaving her there in the open field, alone, naked and chained...... When I felt I had it all down, I gave her a few uppers to assure she could not sleep. She found only a length of chain, leading to a padlock that was holding the chain tightly around her throat.

As I had warned her, I removed my belt and advanced upon the frightened cowering woman. Um Look I Aaaauauauau" She started but I caught her left calf with my nice thick belt. Claudia was not really with it, but the pull of the unyielding chain against her soft secret flesh, made her cooperation mandatory.