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My hands slid up to my tummy as the pulsating sensations in my vagina radiated out into my lower body.I reached up to my bra and pulled the cups down under my breasts, freeing my red, hardened nipples from the white lace.

I lay down on my bed holding the vibrator in the right hand and the dirty black panties in the other.

I rubbed the shaft of the vibrator against the outside of my white lace panties, setting it to vibrate softly.

My pussy responded immediately, my outer lips tingling with pleasure.

I looked at the black panties, and touched my son’s gooey cum on them with my thumb and fingers.

For a moment I wondered what it would taste like to eat cum, as some women do, then pushed that disgusting thought out of my mind.

I let go of the sperm covered panties and slid my white ones around my ass and down my legs to my ankles. I had never really considered that possibility before, he had always been my sweet little boy.

Bringing my feet close to my now bare pussy I let my thighs part, lazily drawing little circles on my leg with the vibrator. I had not noticed before how he was growing into a young man, his chest and arms developing, his penis…his erect penis was almost as big as his fathers…

At this last thought I pushed the vibrator down onto my pussy, mashing it against the small hood of my clit, making my body shudder.

He was on his back naked, his hands pumping in his lap. I opened my mouth to begin telling him off but no voice came out. Tim jumped up and ran past me into his own room, slamming his door. I began to rationalize that masturbation was normal for a teenage boy, but surely not in his parent’s room, with his mother’s underpants and calling her name? That was my hidden secret and not even my husband John had known I was using it.

Tim had obviously been looking through at all my lingerie, which meant he probably had also seen – my vibrator in the same drawer.

I closed my eyes and thought of Tim lying on his back on my bed, his hands sliding up and down his panty covered dick.