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Balance Transfers, Cash Advances, purchasing of money orders or cash equivalents (including ATM advances) are not eligible for cash rewards.

Eligible gas merchants are classified by standard industry codes (SIC) of 55.Members 1st FCU cannot be held liable or responsible for merchants that are not properly identified with these SIC codes which will result in receiving only 1.0% cash rewards.The online orders sought rifle scopes, survivalist gear, and electronics. Cohn, sentenced Eubanks to a total of 84 months in prison. Marion, of the Department of Justice’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, prosecuted this case.The sentence consisted of 60 months for intentionally damaging a protected computer and access device fraud, followed by a consecutive term of 24 months in prison for aggravated identity theft. Greenberg commended the investigative efforts of the FBI in this matter. Plus, with a 24-month graduation program, your secured credit card could be converted to a non-secured credit card based on your previous 24-month account history and performance.

This is the perfect card to help freshen up your finances. Uploaded images must meet these criteria: File Format: JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, or BMP Image Dimensions: minimum of 480 by 480 pixels Resolution: minimum of 300 dots-per-inch (DPI) - 600 DPI is recommended for best quality File Size: cannot exceed 4 megabytes (MB), or 4,000 kilobytes (KB) General - Use a high quality photo from your digital camera - the better your photo the better your card will look.

(Issuer Name) or its third party supplier(s) have the sole discretion to approve or disapprove an image based on these criteria and its review process.

If your image disapproved due to not meeting these Image Guidelines, we will notify you via e-mail and ask re-submit a new image for consideration.

Eligible grocery merchants are classified by standard industry codes (SIC) of 54.

Eligible wholesale club merchants are classified by standard industry codes (SIC) of 5300.

*NOTE: The foregoing shall not apply to the use of any company image, copyrighted material, branded products/services, including abbreviations, acronyms and/or symbols of any nature, trademarks, personalities or names to the extent legally owned by or licensed to the cardholder.