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Redundancy can have that effect - and cause some of the behaviours you describe?

looks after the little ones if I want to go shopping if mine worked out of the home it would be different as he used to and I always made sure he had his dinner etc...

But i could not cope doing it all alone my three are home educated so we do get through alot of dishes but I cannot do it all alone I am not here to brag about my husband.

It can be hard work living with a man who has been "molly coddled" by his mother - that's alot of years to try and undo As for pestering you for sex, well that's just not on is it. If not, are you prepared to continue with living your life being so unhappy?

Does he not realise that you are running yourself ragged, are becomingly increasingly annoyed by his laziness and neither of these things are going to get you in the mood are they!! Louise x Xx i know how you feel my oh does eff all just sits on the pc all day a soon as he wakes up and doesnt help out with housework and im the sole cook when it comes to tea time and most of the time having to keep seeing to dd 6months at same time,he doesnt work and hasnt for yrs im on smp at the moment and a p/t so god knows what goin to happen when i go back to work..i do all the cleaning with no help,il wake up in the morning to a pile of dishes he created them when i was sleeping and even worse he will take money out of my acc knowing that il findout annd just says sorry and then does it again.doesnt spend much time with dd but is good with her when he does, i will leave her with him to go shopping, and i have a b***c at him every day but i say to him its justified coz of his been like this since i met iv just was nieve and only over the last yr and half seen for what he is.

Heya, I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 8 years now and we have a 3 year old son.

I really need to have a moan, as im so sick of doing everything.A relationship is also a partnership, it takes two to make it work.Share and share alike - that goes for the chores too.It doesn't matter whether it's cooking, cleaning, shopping, washing, caring for children, homework - anything!It matters not either (in my humble opinion) who goes out to work and who stays home, and if both of you are at home then it's even more valid that the chores are equally split. Do you think your OH being out of work has led to him becoming lazy, or is it more a case of him always having been that way?oh and im pregnant-they just make u so angry sometimes...its even worse when he goes on the stupid playstation when theres stuff to do!! I think he wants and expects me to be like his mother. The only thing he will do is cook about twice a week. I havent got a job because i know full well that i would have a breakdown working and doing everything!