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To be understood in a loving way is to be forgiven for not being perfect and excused for not being more. Only when our brains connect -- by whatever format -- a connection is a connection. Of course people can fall in love via text, though they're not likely to in under an hour, using canned questions. What i find most interesting about chat, is that some things about treating the other become so much more obvious. My Lover Katie Willette left me for no reason with my two kids away, i was so unhappy because there is no reasonable reason for leaving me and the most thing she has ever done she took away my precious two gifts away.

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For example, use of TTYL – “talk to you later”, or L8R – “later” may help you type quickly, but that doesn’t help decode text when it may be used for other reasons. Acronyms and shorthand is popular across social media and mobile phone apps because it helps with instant communication.She says research shows that a majority of teens believe that their parents are starting to keep tabs on their online and social media lives and “with that, acronyms can be used by kids to hide certain parts of their conversations from attentive parents,” Greer said.“Acronyms used for this purpose could potentially raise some red flags for parents.” Transl8it!Did the 36 questions create quick closeness between two people over text, as they do in person? Email him on his private address ([email protected]) Sure people can fall in love through texting especially when one is married and it is "forbidden" it is exciting and they can say things they would never say otherwise-- contact someone they would never have done in person. My husband did it and spent hardly any time with her and claimed she was the highest love he had ever known. The resulting question is what does "falling in love" mean to each of us.

In Aron’s original study, 30% of participants reported feeling “the same level of closeness to their [question-asking] partner as they do to the closest person in their life." But in the Venngage study, only 16% reported feeling that way. She used him for money, gifts, things for her children, tutoring so she, a not so bright girl, could get As in her classes, gas money, clothes for her kids, clothes for herself, jewelry, flowers..... a reflection of someones inflated version of you to make you feel good inside? Is it really falling in love when it is all about yourself and feeling good/better/best?Then, without having spoken or even exchanged pictures, the pairs began to communicate over the real-time communication tool, Slack.Their conversations were guided by the famous "36 questions that lead to love" that Dr. These questions, proven to act as “intimacy accelerators” , provided the basis for each pair’s 55-minute text conversation.Now you can understand decoded text messages for parents.In a previous post, I discussed the ways in which texting can get in the way of modern relationships.And how much of our attraction to a person is reliant on looks?