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And, this reduction in turn feeds back, not only to justify the original "prophecy" but also to perpetuate it.

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The changelog is made there :) Add is your best bet).If you're want to use Ardent as a standalone ORM package you're invited to do so by using the following configuration in your project's boot/startup file (changing the properties according to your database, obviously): Implementing this yourself often results in a lot of repeated boilerplate code.For example, the abolitionist Frederick Douglass pointed out that Ignorance and depravity, and the inability to arise from degradation to civilization and respectability, are the most usual allegations against the oppressed.The evils most fostered by slavery and oppression are precisely those which slaveholders and oppressors would transfer from their system to the inherent character of their victims.Among many other possible examples are the Nazi concentration camps, designed to destroy the inmates' very humanity and thus to validate the Nazis’ prejudices and make systematic murder possible; and the ways in which prejudiced persons, convinced of (say) a co-worker's incapacity or inequality, are likely to reduce their co-workers to uncooperative antagonists: missing their own contribution to the process, they will then naturally conclude that their co-workers – not themselves – are incapable of good work.

Self-validating reduction applies beyond the human sphere as well.A self-validating reduction is kind of self-fulfilling prophecy of which the result is a dramatic reduction in a person, group, or natural being.This term was coined by Anthony Weston and used in his book Back to Earth in 1994.High self-esteem, however ill-founded, may produce more confident and capable acts, hence "fulfilling" itself.Other interpersonal expectations such as predictions of student success, initially quite baseless, can produce student success through subtly altering the expectations of their teachers.As an added bonus, you controllers (or route handlers) get prematurely fat, and your code becomes messy, ugly and difficult to understand.