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The consensus opinion was that Chelsea loved her Mom but did not like her.

He was much Al Gore was not a good and kind person.That he could have been our President may suggest that God was “answering prayers” and looking out for the country with Al Gore’s defeat.Neither of them trusted Bill Clinton and, the Secret Service opined, neither of them even liked Bill Clinton.Bill Clinton did have some good qualities where Al Gore and Hillary had none in the view of their security details.Her security detail dutifully did their job, as professionals should, but they all “loathed” her and wanted to be on a different detail.

She was hard to work for because she was so nasty and mean toward her detail.

This bitter hatred was something that he and Hillary had very much in common.

They often said as much, even in the presence of their security detail.

They were more friendly toward each other than either of them were towards former President Clinton. She initially liked Hillary but soon after the election she had her “pegged” and no longer liked her or associated with her except for events that were politically obligatory.

They were not intimate, so please don’t read that in . Al Gore was far more left wing and very hateful, not just politically opposed, to Republicans than Clinton.

His stories of Kennedy and Johnson were the same as those I heard from the guys who flew the presidents’ plane — [yes, Kennedy did have Marilyn Monroe flown in for secret “dates,” and LBJ was a typical Texas “good ol boy” womanizer.