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Cunneen, however, now believes that a relative lodged the complaint with ICAC, though she is reluctant to name the source publicly.“I deny the allegation, which can only have been malicious,” she tells .“It’s a filtering process, and prosecutors become very expert in knowing what will work for a jury with a reasonable prospect of conviction. In some cases it’s kinder to the victims to say, ‘We are not going to run this case, because if the jury returns a not guilty verdict, you’ll be branded as a liar and we won’t get another opportunity to bring the alleged perpetrator to justice.’ ” In 2002, Volkers was committed for trial in Queensland on seven charges of molesting three young girls he had been coaching in the 1980s, only for the charges to be dropped two months later by then Queensland DPP Leanne Clare, SC, citing no reasonable basis for conviction.

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Mc Clellan has also been critical of her handling of the second, and successful, prosecution of Jeffrey Gilham, accused of murdering his parents and brother in the early ’90s, which was overturned on appeal before Mc Clellan, due to technical evidence not known at the time to the prosecutor.In a fresh round of fire, Cunneen was called last month to provide an explanation to the Mc Clellan Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse about advice she gave 10 years ago against prosecuting alleged sex offender swimming coach Scott Volkers, who was charged with molesting teenage girls.Moses told the court that Cunneen’s son and his girlfriend had become “collateral damage in pursuit of Cunneen”.The appeal was heard on November 17 and the full bench reserved its decision.Cunneen says: “The car she was in was hit on the driver’s side, and the driver’s side of the car was pushed up into the air, crashing down onto parked cars on the passenger’s side, where Sophia was trapped by her seatbelt.

Stephen was not in the accident but ran to the scene close by and notified his father who told me.“While NSW, which started off as a jailhouse, has now reached the civilised position of achieving a myriad of protections for the rights of the accused person,” she said, “the course of some cases through the criminal justice system may leave you to ponder when the undoubtedly innocent (as opposed to the merely presumed innocent), the victims, will have their liberty restored.” The foot soldier was nearly court-martialled in some legal circles.Others paraded her emotional delivery as a fine example.Margaret Cunneen, SC, is deputy senior Crown prosecutor in New South Wales, and a member of the Bar Council.In 2012 Cunneen was appointed commissioner of the NSW Special Commission of Inquiry into matters relating to the police investigation of child sexual abuse allegations in the Catholic diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.Leaving court after a guilty verdict in that case, Cunneen told the waiting media: “I commend the quality of the police investigation and the fortitude of the victim.” Another black mark.