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She takes off her top in order to use it to pull up some hot door. '"Equal Rights Nudity"Ryan had to get his six-pack out. Everybody was like, 'You've got to get Ryan's top off! They had a chance to do something a bit different and for me it didn't work.' And he was fine with that because Ryan looks like that all the time."Freddie had a six-pack and all that. You could put a sack on Ryan and he'd make it look good; he's just one of those guys. He was perfect."A New Ending"The original ending, Julie gets an email, like an invite [to a party], and it was a horrible scene.[You can watch it below]"I thought it wasn't the right story. That's why I said no, I couldn't commit to a page and a half with no guarantee that when we got to the script, I was going to like it."It was disappointing because Love Hewitt was signed on, I think she was contracted to do it [the sequel].

It was all coming together at the same time with Kevin."No Sweater"There was a moment where we'd shot Love Hewitt on the boat at the end.

We'd shot the end sequence before we shot the last part on the deck with the fight and her screaming. And then we realised we'd made a continuity error where she was wearing a little jumper all through the first part, so we had to construct some reason that she would take her top off."People thought it was so you could see more of her breasts, but actually it was because we had screwed up the continuity and needed it to match!

He got to the point where he was saying, 'I'm done', and I really had to plead with him to stick with it because I wanted him. He went to the gym and worked out, changed his diet and his hair cut.

I stuck to my guns and eventually they went, 'Yes'."As far as Sarah was concerned, she was the last of the four to be cast. I went back and reshot when Helen's sister [Bridgette Wilson-Sampras] gets her throat cut; there's a splash of blood on the glass.

' That was it, that was the hook for me in the script. Neal [H Moretz, producer] and I still talk back and forth, and Neal's producing it. It seemed like it was going to go a year ago, maybe.

It really was why the audience liked the film."20 Years Later"Would I do an catching up with Julie 20 years later? I thought if they were going to do it, they'd do it after 20 years. There's a few jobs that you do, despite how hard they were to do at the time, you also have a good laugh.

'"I rewatched that film because it's [set in a] small town. We got a load of local school bands to do the march for the festival. I wanted the waterfront to have a New England feel, and The Fab Four "I cast them all.

[Jennifer] Love [Hewitt] was always going to be Julie, and she was cast first.

There were loads of people we looked at who were just too old. I went, 'Right, it's your choice, but know that we think she's the best choice'. So the most I would give in to was the blood from behind splattering the window.

Hilary Swank tested for it, who was great, but she wasn't right for the role."The studio didn't want her, even after the screen test! They thought she had a Jewish princess, Valley Girl feel to her. We did that as a pick-up; we reshot that towards the end of the shoot and that was my, 'OK, I'm done with the blood'."A Fresh Kill"The truth was we had a movie where the killer didn't do anything! You had to physically see him do something in order for the audience to feel that he was capable of doing something.

"That spoke to a young audience that was about to embark on their adult life, go to university, college...