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It works even if you're just friends; even if there's no romantic interest involved for either of you. The only way to truly spark a man's interest is to keep him wanting more: ... Wanting to feel more of what he feels when he's with you, ...

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Tell your parents or a trusted adult if someone is asking you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Always ask your parents for permission before getting on the Internet. Never talk to people online without your parent’s permission. Never fear someone else threatening you to keep a secret and not tell your parents. I just got the program and couldn't stop reading last night!!! No one wants their love life to be just routine and run-of-the-mill and... Perish the thought that you might actually make him feel BORED with you! Mystery is the quality that makes him think about you all day long. Comments from those who have already TESTED this program: "Great job!!"It's well structured; I love that we have the audio and the text at the same place, so easy to listen and read at the same time.

This is what I do because what I cherish the most is to hear your voice... While I am listening, I feel that I finally have someone I trust, with great values, who is guiding me through the most important steps in life...Every man wants to be with a woman who has that effect on him. As we all know, there are men who are so wrapped up in the woman they love that they're virtually hooked.A man who is truly in love doesn't secretly wish he was with someone else! That scary feeling creeps up on you when the relationship is past the "honeymoon" stage! And that's the number-one reason for being a woman of some mystery! Being mysterious means you keep his interest - even for a lifetime."You already answered so many subtle questions that I had, and I'm positive your words will be very helpful in changing this un-mysterious girl into the one I'd like to be. " "Dear Mimi, "I just started the program and I am thrilled. Don’t ever leave children unattended in a vehicle, whether it is running or not. Make sure you know how to find or contact your children at all times. Have a “Call List” of emergency contacts and make sure your child knows the numbers for who to call if they can’t reach you.