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The reason for this is that the castle looks so much like the Disney castle in Florida!

Indeed, some have speculated that that castle was modeled after the “real thing” in Germany.

It is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Germany and has been owned by the same branch of family for over 800 years.

Guided tours of the castle are recommended and cost € 8.00 for adults and € 5.50 for children.

It was the English Dukes of Hamilton that had the fortress built, and over the centuries, generations of the family added on the castle.

In 1957, the last Hamilton heir gave up the castle, and visitors can now tour this historic site.

Lincoln Castle is in Lincolnshire and was built in 1068.

As with many other European castles, Lincoln Castle is steeped in history, but it has the additional distinction of being one of only two castles in the country that were originally built on two mottes.Here are the top 25 castles in Europe, in no particular order.For many of those that see this castle for the first time, they get a niggling feeling that Castle Neuschwanstein looks so familiar.An excellent example of the Gothic and Mudéjar styles, Coca Castle can be found in the town of Coca in the Segovia province in Spain.Guided tours of the interior, exterior and museum are available and highly recommended.Originally built by the Knights of the Teutonic Order in 1212, Bran Castle is located just outside of Bran, in the Eastern European country of Romania.