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People, especially guys, let me give you a last advise: Go after the average looking girls.Don't waste your time on supermodels because you won't hookup with them anyway.Read Full Review When IK joined I put my age down and all I got was girls in their twenties with no pictures to make me contact them and share my e-mail address.

As one of the first casual dating sites we are totally convinced of the success of our service offer. We promise to provide you with the following number of contact proposals: 3 months membership: minimum 5 contact proposals 6 months membership: minimum 15 contact proposals 12 months membership: minimum 30 contact proposals Our members usually receive many more member contacts. If we do not provide you with the guaranteed number of contact proposals within your initial membership, your Premium account remains free of charge until you have received the guaranteed number! SO i wrote to paypal that it was an unautorized purschase cause i really didn t allow them to take 179,4 Euro . BAD NEWS is that i recieved a Email from the C-Date and they told that They have all the Informations about Me (adresse , photos , IP ADRESSE ...) and that i have to pay this Time 190,4 Euro or they will do SUMMARY PROCEEDINGS . I did another Account cause I wanna be sure of the prices if I found totaly other Prices to what i soáw before and to what i Paid for Exempel : 6 months was the price 9,99 EURO /month .

"I received no contact proposals and still was charged £104.70 BE CAREFUL GUYS !!! I had the Worst Experience EVER .i loged in with the APP of C-date i found very cheap prices for exempel the Price of 6 Months was 7,48Euro/month . 2 seconds Later i say That C-date took 179,4Euro from my bank account . If anyone wanna help me to take REVENGE from this FAKE company can contact me i hope that will take OUR MONEY back .

I do know of one site who said that if there were squabbles amongst members that they would remove the prson complaining off the site. I personally didn’t find the site as busy as I thought it would be I have been on other dating websites and had lots more attention then on this one . I have men over very young age which was not what I was looking for…

That was rude and not helpful and would lead to members boycotting the site. Read Full Review I suppose it’s just an advertising problem but there must be hundreds if not thousands of people out there that are searching for particular desires that others find attractive, there needs to be more variation in your choices. Read Full Review A brilliant dating site at no cost the user- as it should be, why use other dating sites that charge you exhorbitant subscription fees or you have to buy credits’ just to message people. Read Full Review I was fortunate to get chatting with a beautiful lady, which remains at that stage.

Read Full Review This site is one of the few truly free dating sites which never asks for any money or credit card details.

It is very user friendly with additional support if required and many tips offered when creating personal profiles.Then as for matches, again not in my area of preferred search criteria so why put them on?Limited as you cannot video chat or attach private phots to people you may connect with and only wish…However most of the people I have talked to have not been serious . A lot of them are looking for a pot of gold in the bottom of a dustbin.please try to take peoples requirements into consideration before trying to match them, then you…The entire website isn't just a scam, it's breaking numerous European Trading laws.