Rendevous dating

Lin, who was with a female assistant, then pulled her hat low and waited for another lift.On Sunday, there seemed to be more proof that Yan and Lin are an item again, said Taiwan’s Apple Daily.

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As Iran's fifth most populated city, Shiraz, since the 13th century, has been a leading center for Persian arts and literature.

Cradled by Zagros Mountains, the city is the custodian of Persia's ancient relics; from the tombs of Persian Kings and world-renowned beloved poets, to the remnants of the ceremonial capital city of the Achameneid Empire, the Persepolis - Shiraz is also the third largest religious city in Iran, after Mashhad and Qom.

One of his fan sites, Yan Chengxu Family, posted a photo of the two signing in at what looked like a hotel gym.

Apple Daily identified the hotel as Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur.

But Yan dismissed the speculation as wishful thinking.

This year, he had a more positive answer when he was asked about his chances of winning Lin back.

Most tourist sites and palaces charge a minimal fee which is higher for foreigners than the natives.

At the top of the list of "must-see" sites in Shiraz are the tombs of the city's two most beloved poets - Hafez and Saadi.

According to Apple Daily, they split up in 2006, the year after she fell off a horse in a filming accident in Dalian, China.

For more than a decade, rumours about them getting back together never stopped, but she was busy entering the Chinese market and he was hesitant about dating her again, said the report.

Beyond the congested downtown traffic, on the northern edge of the city's Golestān Street - a cobblestone street hugged with expansive gardens and ancient walls of the city limits - sits Aramgahe Hafez - the Mausoleum of Hafez (1315-1390) or Hafezeeye as natives call it.