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If yours is one of them, it would be a kindness to let her know that, so that she can decide if she wants to alter what she’s doing.

So in the same way that you might ask her to dress particularly professionally on those days, it would be fine to ask her not to make major mid-day appearance shifts on those days too. Unless you see real evidence that it’s impacting how seriously people take her — or unless you know your office culture well enough to know that it’s going to — I’d let it go.It’s okay for people to have unusual traits or eccentricities or so forth — and giving people room for that can make you a more interesting and appealing workplace.After we broke for lunch, she returned with darker hair, bangs, and completely different clothes.Many people at the presentation thought she was a different person at first.However, I feel like her doing this in the middle of the work day is hurting her professional credibility.

There was one time when we gave a presentation for both internal and external people and Michelle was present because she had assisted with the preparation.

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Over her lunch, she will drastically change her hair, clothing, and makeup.

For example: On a given day, she has long blonde hair, almost no makeup, and is wearing a gray suit.

Another time she returned to a meeting with shorter hair, longer nails, and different clothes, and it was the same thing.