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Attorneys not admitted to practice in Virginia and other professional visitors must request prior approval.

Sheriff Stacey Kincaid has implemented several changes in the Sheriff's Office that are focused on behavioral health issues which affect approximately 40 percent of our inmates. The Adult Detention Center has four styles of inmate housing based on security levels and special needs: single cell, linear, podular and direct supervision.

Hindus make up the largest minority, but there also is a significant population of Muslims.

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Some two-fifths of Punjab’s population consists of Hindus and Sikhs who officially belong to the About one-third of Punjab’s population lives in cities and towns.Its major cities are Ludhiana in the central region, Amritsar in the northwest, Jalandhar in north-central Punjab, Patiala in the southeast, and Bathinda in the south-central part of the state.Other major crops include cotton, sugarcane, oilseeds, chickpeas, peanuts (groundnuts), and vegetables.With almost the entire cultivated area receiving irrigation, Punjab is among India’s most widely irrigated states.All personal visitors must schedule an appointment using one of three options: online form, telephone or in-person at the ADC.

Inmates are allowed confidential, unscheduled visits with attorneys, probation officers and law enforcement officials during designated hours.

The HHS System is a network of county agencies and community partners that support the well-being of all who live, work, and play in Fairfax County.

Find out about visiting hours and restrictions as well as inmate property, money and privileges.

There have been attempts at reforestation on the hillsides, and eucalyptus trees have been planted along major roads.

Natural habitats for wildlife are severely limited because of intense competition from agriculture.

Aside from wheat and rice, corn (maize), barley, and pearl millet are important cereal products of Punjab.