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The NITE Psychometric Entrance Test is a tool for predicting academic performance, which is used for screening applicants to institutions of higher education in Israel.

In the English/Combined Version, the writing assignment can also be written in Amharic, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian or Portuguese.A psychometric test in Italian and/or Portuguese might be offered. Registration Registration for the Psychometric Entrance Test is separate from application to the Hebrew University.You can do this by taking practice tests that pose example questions for you to practice answering.I’ve compiled a list of practical test sites where you can sit practice tests to help you become more comfortable and competent in answering typical psychometric and personality test questions.The total score is reported in three versions: a general score (40% verbal reasoning, 40% quantitative reasoning and 20% English); verbal emphasis (60% verbal reasoning, 20% quantitative reasoning and 20% English); quantitative emphasis (60% quantitative reasoning, 20% verbal reasoning and 20% English).

The Psychometric scores that required for admission is listed on the table of degree programs.

Candidates taking the July test are considered late applicants regardless of when they applied and consequently requirements for admission may be higher.

Examinees receive from NITE their scores in each of the three areas of the test – verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and English.

This reform will effect the last valid dates for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Psychometric Test scores are valid from October 1990 and after.

Last Valid Test Dates for Admission for the 2016/17 Academic Year Program). Candidates for all areas of study who take the test in Combined/English, French, Russian or Spanish.