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We strongly urge you to program your cell phone with Public Safety’s Emergency number: 202.885.3636.

You can stay up-to-date on crime in the area by checking a crime prevention board in the lobbies of Bender Library, Federal Building, Mary Graydon Center, Leonard Hall, Mc Dowell Hall, Hurst Building, Asbury Building, the Sports Center, the Washington College of Law Building, Brandywine Building, or Megabytes Café.

We enter new reports or update old ones within two business days after receiving the information.

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The Student Health Center and the Office of Campus Life may offer related programs on acquaintance rape, alcohol, relationships, and self-defense.

To ensure your safety you can call Public Safety for an escort on foot or in a vehicle if you need to walk alone on campus at night.

These alerts are generated by crimes reported to Public Safety, local law enforcement agencies, or campus security authorities (e.g., dean of academic units, directors and department heads of administrative units).

Alerts may also be sent to the campus community via e-mail or text alert, upon determination of the Director of Public Safety.

At his discretion, the director of Public Safety can issue a crime alert to inform the campus community of crimes the institution considers a serious or continuing threat to students and employees.

These alerts are based on crimes reported to Public Safety, local law enforcement agencies, or campus security authorities (e.g., deans of academic units, directors and heads of administrative units).You’ll find outside crime prevention boards at the main shuttle depot and at the Nebraska parking lot.We post campus crime statistics, crime alerts, crime prevention tips, and similar information on these boards.To arrange for an escort, call 202-885-2527 or use an emergency telephone. If you are stuck in the city without any money or a ride home, you can call a cab and have it take you to American University’s Public Safety.Notify Public Safety that you are on your way by calling 202-885-2527. Sowers, William Curtis Assistant Director, Administration & Transportation Public Safety maintains a comprehensive crime prevention program.