Pros consolidating police agencies

That community required hundreds of firefighters and police officers to perform their duties at the same place and time.

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Merging fire and police jobs to cut positions and costs will be debilitating on the days that the rubber meets the road and the community needs a lot of help quickly.Gun control Typically, on-duty firefighters and guns do not mix well.The event had become so popular that overcrowding was a significant issue for the fire department to control during the game.With all of the best intensions, the fire investigator made it clear to the overly enthusiastic sports crowd that he was wearing a side arm.The motivating logic seems to be that neither department is busy enough to command the tax share needed to operate separate agency.

The initial belief is that merging two costly departments into one will create a more efficient department, thereby saving big public bucks.However, the transition of police duties into the fire and rescue department comes at a steep price that you will not find on a budget line-item spreadsheet.Intangibles such as organizational stress, personnel resistance and demoralization of the rank-and-file members of both departments are the major factors that will ensure this type of plan's failure.In fact, many public safety officer departments that have re-established two separate agencies.Here are several reasons why the cost reductions are generally not worth the efforts it takes to merge a fire and police department into one service.This was not taken lightly by those attending the game — apologies were demanded and presented soon after this event.