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In the case of primary cost elements, the profit center or partner profit center is derived automatically from the cost-relevant account assignment.

For payables and receivables as well as for automatically generated posting items, yon cannot enter the profit center manually.

The assignments of all profit-relevant objects to profit centers play an important role.

Nevertheless, we would advise against using this parallel setup in the long term due to the effort required for reconciliation and the increased volume of data.(See also SAP Note 826357 The main aim of profit center accounting is to determine the period result for each profit center., you determine internal operating profit for a profit center using either period accounting or cost of sales accounting.You can also draw up balance sheets for profit centers and output financial key figures (such as return on investment, cash flow, or sales per employee).In this way, you use your profit centers as investment centers.

This also makes it possible for you to determine a number of financial key figures by profit center, including return on investment, working capital, and cash flow.The division of a company into profit centers makes it possible for management responsibility to be delegated to these local organizational units and enables these organizational units to be self-controlled.In this way, a profit center acts like a company within the company.If you use document splitting, the system can provide these items with a profit center.Data from upstream applications (such as Logistics) generally already contains a profit center or a partner profit center as a result of the assignment of objects (such as material or sales order) to a profit center.This wiki intends to explain how the partner fields are updated by the system depending on whether the splitting characteristic is or not defined as a balancing splitting characteristic.