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The younger generation of Malays who are not English educated prefer Harian Metro over Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian.

Granted a political pension for himself and his family.

Just a mere four to five years ago, Bahasa Malaysia publications have started to fly off the racks.

Paduka Sri Sultan Ahmad Shah ibni al-Marhum Tunku Singkul, Yang di-Pertuan Muda of Jelebu, by his wife, Cik Puan Melang.

Tuanku Etet ibni al-Marhum Tunku Yahya, Yang di-Pertuan Muda of Jelebu, elder son of Tunku Yahya ibni al-Marhum Sultan Ahmad Shah, Yang di-Pertuan Muda of Jelebu, by his wife, Cik Hitam.

If you think you may have found my smile, please e-mail me as I really need it to be myself. When people are sometimes asked to describe me, the term "spark plug" is often used.

I know how to speak my mind and get what I want, but I do so with a smile.

She loves rock & roll and may be found at concerts.

I have conflicting reports that she's either a blonde or a brunette.

I've been known to assess first impressions quickly (both personally and professionally) and generally do not waiver from my initial conclusion.

I'm considered a very generous person in all aspects of my life especially in friendship, family and love.

He fought to build a Bahasa Malaysia printing empire from the ground up.“Imagine 30 years ago I could sell 200,000 copies every issue, and Berita Harian and Utusan Melayu only managed 70,000 or 80,000 sales per issue.” “Bacaria was later forced to close down due to fierce competition from a daily newspaper.