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, you already know one episode puts Patrick Fugit through the wringer.As Kyle Barnes, he begins the series wasting away alone in a trailer, and ends getting beaten up by a possessed child during his very first exorcism. When I went in to audition for it, they had a non regionally specific accent request.He’s also always there to correct course if I get out of hand, which he does constantly. One of the great things is that Robert is working on both projects, so he’s able to decide how close that gets. There’s a lot more opportunity for us to explore Kyle in the show because we have more tools to tell the stories with.How close is the show’s Kyle to the comic book’s Kyle? We also have a lot more time so it’s just a bunch of opportunities to explore a lot more of Kyle.” And I’m like, “Did you watch the f***ing episode?

Kyle’s not a reverend.” Kyle is sort of in denial about what happened with his mother.It’s not expository but it’s just sort of learned appreciation for what’s happened to him.What is it like having Wrenn Schmidt and Kate Lyn Sheil on set?So Robert has created a character that I understand, for the most part.So when I initially got the audition scenes and I went in, what I felt I had to contribute and the ideas that I had for Kyle were fairly parallel to Robert’s view of him. That’s also a tribute to the creative team he’s put together.He has no choice really than to put it under the mental illness perspective.