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If you create an appointment that has a time overlap with an existing appointment, the Info Bar indicates that the appointment conflicts with another.

To schedule an event, you need to provide only the date.

Some functionality might be unavailable if you’re working with a calendar that’s part of another type of account.

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If you inadvertently add the same set of holidays to the calendar twice, the easiest way to rectify the situation is to remove all occurrences of that location’s holidays and then add them again.

Outlook has a number of different availability configurations.

An appointment has a specific start time and end time (as opposed to an event, which occurs for one or more full 24-hour periods).

Events are day-long blocks of time that you schedule on your Outlook calendar, such as birthdays, payroll days, or anything else occurring on a specific day but not at a specific time.

In all other respects, creating an event is identical to creating an appointment, in that you can specify a location, indicate recurrence, indicate your availability, and attach additional information to the event item.

You can schedule an appointment by entering, at minimum, a subject and time in an appointment window or directly on the calendar.The basic appointment window also includes a field for the appointment location and a notes area in which you can store general information, including formatted text, website links, and even file attachments so that they are readily available to you at the time of the appointment.If you create an appointment that immediately follows or precedes another, the Info Bar at the top of the window indicates that the appointment is adjacent to another on your calendar.I tried to remove the users mail profile and re-add it with the same results.There were a lot of users complaining on the net about the same issue but none of their solutions worked for us.This setting can be found in the Appointment Occurrence menu bar of each individual event, as well as within the Appointment tab in the general menu when you highlight an event.1) If your Booking page (or Master page) is offering availability at a time you believe you should be busy, you should first check to see whether the event in your calendar has the right status, as listed above.