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I had a big hand in the underlying math and class design of Starfinder, and it was so much fun going into deep design and play with foundational concepts in a way we rarely get to do with the more established Pathfinder.

I also worked up the monster creation rules, based on work I initially did for Pathfinder Unchained, during the Starfinder Core Rulebook creation process.

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2017 has been full of excitement (and a little chaos, but what creative endeavor doesn't have at least a little chaos? It's been a busy year for everyone here at Paizo, and I wanted to give the developers and designers a chance to talk about some of the projects they've worked on this year that they've enjoyed working on the most.

Being a creator can be rough sometimes, and it's important to feel pride about the things you've helped make.

Every year goes by so quickly, yet every year I end up looking back and realizing just how long it's been—and how much we've accomplished—since January. All the work that went into getting Starfinder Society going, we've been keeping busy bringing you more stories, adventures, art, and memories in Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.

While we've enjoyed all of the scenarios, there's a handful that I feel really defined 2017.

Here are some of our favorites from 2017, compliments of Akim Kaliberda, Giorgio Baroni, Hannah Boving, Josef Kucera, Sebastian Rodriguez, and Tom Ventre.

Also, although I don't want to provide spoilers by posting it here, we also adore Sean Mac Donald's cartography from This past year has been a big wild ride.Seeing them make their way to the public in Alien Archive was exciting!And speaking of exciting, the highlight of the year was seeing Starfinder fly off the shelves at its Gen Con launch.tread new ground with Andrew Hoskins as the author, and we've already finished the next installment that's set to appear at conventions beginning in mid-January.Speaking of multi-table interactive specials, no retrospective's complete without the Gen Con centerpiece.Tuesday, December 26, 2017 This past year has been a big wild ride.