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This is no longer a good idea, because there’s a performance hit in moving between different partitions.While partitioning the boot drive still makes sense, partitioning for data storage does not.

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Leave Format set to “Mac OS Extended (Journaled).”And change the size to the size we calculated at the beginning of this article.In this example, I’m using 50 GB; however, your actual number may be different.To create a partition, open Utilities the words “Macintosh HD.” This is because “Macintosh HD” is already a partition.You can’t partition a partition, you can only partition the hard disk that contains the partition.Though we use the term “dual-boot,” in point of fact you are only limited by the amount of free space on your boot disk. Finally, open the boot disk, twirl down Users and select your Home directory.

DETERMINE HOW MUCH SPACE YOU NEEDBefore we create a new partition, we need to figure out how big it needs to be. The total storage space required for all your applications is listed in the top right corner. (It has an icon of a house.)Again, choose File Get Info and write down the size.

Right now, your “house” stores all your files in a single room filled with file cabinets.)Partitioning allows us to create multiple rooms.

The only problem is that all these different rooms must fit into the space of the original house.

NOTE: The name of your hard disk – which will probably be a gibberish of letters and numbers – will vary.

The key is to select the drive that contains the Macintosh HD partition.

Double-check all your entries, then click Apply to create the new partition.