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He’d been browsing his favorite timewaster -- the Art of Trolling, a website less holy, more holy shit.

During a worldwide broadcast in June, the church leaders heralded a new era of redemption through screens.All 84,000 of the church’s missionaries would eventually be able to proselytize over the web using a previously forbidden arsenal of media, including blogs, email, text messages, Skype and even Facebook.Despite its conservative reputation, the church has actually been an early adopter of any tech that might deliver baptisms.Just as it did nearly 200 years ago, when the church pioneered mass-market distribution of its Bibles by printing a half-million texts, and a century ago, when it released a feature film on the Book of Mormon, now it is pinning its hopes on the marketing muscle of a technology with even broader reach: the web.“Now, many people are involved in the busyness of their lives.

They hurry here and there, and they are often less willing to allow complete strangers to enter their homes, uninvited, to share a message of the restored gospel,” lamented Elder L.

The very nature of missionary work, therefore, must change if the Lord is to accomplish His work.” This e-proselytizing not only marks a change in the machinery of the church, but also suggests a rewiring of our own instincts.

As the Mormon church has learned in the course of its experiment, we’d rather discuss life’s most intimate topics through the impersonal anonymity of the screen.

“It’s going to be a lot more efficient.” For Mormons, this about-face on social media was a radical change, as startling as if the church had dropped its ban on beer.

Until the June announcement, the Internet had been off-limits to missionaries to shield them from “worldly entertainment,” like the Times and Twitter, that could distract them from their religious calling.

Ryan Tucker, a missionary who helped convert him in the church’s chatroom, hailed it as a journey “from troll to testimony.” "Those chats were so amazing," says L'Espérance.