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There are two departure times offered through the day, including a 6a.m. Your first part of this adventure is a 35-minute airplane ride over to the western rim of the Grand Canyon at the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

Fly along the Hoover Damn, over Lake Mead, and take in aerial sights of Las Vegas and Boulder City.

Louise Benson, a former Hualapai chairwoman who is sympathetic to Jin, told USA Today that tribal leaders are “giving the Hualapai a terrible reputation that will injure the tribe for years.

In early March, the tribal corporation that runs the Skywalk declared bankruptcy to avoid paying Jin millions of dollars.And days earlier, the tribe seized another major tourism project from its non-native owners.But the tribal corporation that operates Skywalk quickly declared bankruptcy, meaning its bank accounts are temporarily off-limits.In the meantime, a different tribal corporation will operate the Skywalk, which will continue to be “open seven days a week, year-round,” as the receptionist told me when I called last week."Past development in Indian Country was the old formula where companies came in and built projects, but only leased the land and did not include the tribe as equity partners," David Lester, a member of the Muscogee Creek Tribe and the executive director of the Denver-based Council of Energy Resource Tribes (CERT), told HCN in 2010 in reference to a Navajo Nation proposal to build and operate its own coal plant.

"That old paradigm left us with all the social and environmental costs and none of the economic benefits." But breaking contracts with outside investors and depriving them of agreed-upon revenue is perhaps not the best way to address this historical injustice.

After your time is up, enjoy a helicopter and airplane ride back to your starting points.

Many of our tours and activities are available in multiple languages.

As the bankruptcy hit the news, the Hualapai quietly took over another tourism attraction on the reservation, an Old-West style town called Hualapai Ranch where, for 0 a night, visitors can “join the cowboys making S’mores and telling stories around an open fire” and “learn how to rope, quick draw, and tomahawk toss the cowboy way.” As with the Skywalk, the tribe enlisted non-native developers to build and run the ranch, which opened in 2005, and signed a revenue-sharing agreement.

And as with Jin, relations between the Hualapai and the Brown brothers, who ran the ranch, quickly went downhill.

Once your airplane lands, hop in a helicopter, and go down 4,000 feet (1,200 meters) to the canyon floor.