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Mauritia, 25, said: "All this year Shane has been showing an interest in some female company.

"We have tried attending several groups in Colchester and Clacton but because of his needs they don't appeal to him, he would benefit more from one on one time.

There are two packages available, and more information can be found on the website at She won’t accept your excuses, and she doesn’t take shit from anyone—especially not you. Never make the mistake of believing that the alpha female needs you. She’s often busy, but don’t allow yourself to be threatened and never get possessive.These 3 companies will now be parked under a new division called Paktor Labs.How Paktor Became The Dating App To Rule Them All People get the impression that the path for dating apps to focus on is love and romance."It's our mission to help these people." Her brother's disabilities prevent him from taking part in everyday activities on his own.

He was officially diagnosed a couple of years ago but his family always knew something was not quite right.

The alpha female is ambitious, so she needs a partner that will encourage all of her dreams—no matter how far-fetched they may be. She is more than capable of balancing her independence and you.

Let her lead her life outside of the relationship, or you'll lose her.

"We mentioned setting up a website to our brother and he was quite excited about it, the feedback we have had includes people saying there is no way of meeting people." You may think this sounds similar to Channel 4's Undateables series, but Mauritia is adamant they are opting for a more understanding approach.

She said: "The programme's name is not very charming for people with disabilities, a lot of people don't want to be associated with that.

When it comes to mobile dating apps, Tinder defines the market.