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An interesting thing is also the creation scientist of the month ....

just this information alone is enough to write a book from.” (a reader in South Africa) “ What God has done through you and in the past 9 years is nothing less than miraculous.” (an author, Ph D in science, and head of a Christian apologetics organization) “ I thank God for you and your contribution to His Kingdom. May the Lord bless you this season as you get some rest.

Some of my favorite articles are the biomimetics articles revealing the fantastic design that is obvious to anyone not blinded by the evolutionary goggles.

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Thank you for your efforts to get the true word out.” (a reader in Alabama) “ Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy creation headlines.I check them every few days and constantly gain perspective.This old site will remain available, but is not being updated. Starting June 2011, all new articles are being posted to the new site only.“ Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your fabulous site.” (an IT security consultant in the midwest) “ I always thought that science and the Bible should not be at odds with each other and prayed that God would reveal the truth about evolution/creation through science to us.

I wondered if there existed scientists who were believers and how they reconciled Genesis with science. Now I understand that these Godly men and women had been silenced....

Great stuff.” (a historian in Australia) “ You do a terrific job on snatching content from the headlines and filtering it for stupidity and lockstep paradigm thinking!

Not only are you on top of things but you do garnish the dish well!

Wonderful resources there.” (a mechanical engineer and educational consultant in Texas) “ Just stopped by to say Hi; Thanks again for your posting--still the best web site on the net!!

” (a regular reader in Illinois) “ I accidentally came across your BRILLIANT website today....

We really appreciate your work.” (a consultant in Virginia responding to our Thanksgiving-week hiatus) “ Instead of criticising every piece of evidence for evolution how about presenting some evidence for creationism?