Objectivist dating service poor dating skills

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Turns the concept of altruism into a social evil if it is enforced.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. After reading it I do now lean more towards the libertarian party and away from more conventional ones. However, like yourself, I'm still trying to "figure it out".

You'll be sure to add your definition of "Ego-mania fueled individualist rejection of reality" to that bastion of new age linguistics, right?

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That's nice if you live in the Shrub's "You're with us or with the terrorists" world..

But the real world tends to be a little more multi-faceted. Its much easier to have the attitude to sit back and live your own life, rather than strive towards the ideal of making things better for others around you (as well as yourself.)And don't go getting all Lockian on me, talking about property.

Choose not to be a part of that society and yet live in it, Locke argued that you were endangering others property - and thus they could take measures against you. You know, far be it from me to be critical, and I am by no means casting aspersions..it strikes me that you gotta have balls the size of alpha centauri to send people for definitions of ANY sort to your own personal web space's htm page you threw together. I mean, hey, I tend to lean in on those fly by night purveyors of the language, like Mirriam Webster and so forth..not you..collect together your own set of cute little obscure phrases, throw out definitions for 'em and then recommend the rest of the planet check them out in order to prevent insanity. Man, in terms of delusions of grandeur..top three now include Bush Jr. Gore deciding HE invented the internet..you're a close third.

As to your assertions on human ownership..to break it to ya but we have ownership of ourselves, but are forced to lease said self to a number of different folks. Lease to boss for eight or so hours a day...lease to biological necessity of dreamland (about 7 hours if you're lucky, or nearer five like me)...lease to requirements of fighting traffic a few too. We consider this leasing of time, money, as an investment..return we get the freedom to do some things, like read a paper (rather than a person's personal website, complete with dictionary...) and share common threads of organized culture and civilization, like have someone organized enough to collect the garbage each week, and have symphonies to go listen to if we want...You're coloring an argument black and white when it isn't necessarily so. I've noticed this thread in all your arguments over the various posts.You take positions where all kinds of shades of grey can be interpreted and color them in absolutes.By the way, to answer your question - I own myself. And I take responsibility for my actions - or lack of. Who do you blame when your objectivist life actually comes knocking at your door? and requiring a mathematical equation to substantiate a proper evaluation. Again, Im not as smart as you, so I dont know how this works. I've yet to see a drop of reason in any of your posts or links.. Are you cognitive of the methodology employed by my individualized psyche wherefore I, utilizing to the maximum all the various memes and patterns coalesced during my formative and incorporative years, summon the wherewithal and intellectualized prowress to assess your incoherent, assanine and cerebral ramblings and provocate you further with additional hypersimplistic logic thereby refuting your entire mentally-deficient argument. Just twisted arguments made using existentially large words - words that (just like in my last sentence) might not necessarily apply in that case. Meer informatie, zoals over hoe je je instellingen kunt aanpassen, vind je hier: cookiebeleid.