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She teased me from far away, i've been loyal to her for my choice, but she didn't put limits in my vanilla life, she respected my space without asking the impossible; and i really appreciated that.I also bought a chastity device and try to wear it for her, sign of respect and devotion.-slaves r requied to do without mistake and requires her orders to read thoroughly.

-Mistress is very smart and very strict during training.-Slaves are need to honest , to obey, to report in time all orders as she commanded to become perfect slave.Significant characteristic differences (age, race, beauty) between the cuckquean and other woman are common and often played up for effect.Typical overlapping themes include maids, nannies, babysitters, and other domestics getting fucked by their married male employers.I even bought another online training session now for 15 instructions when i was still busy whit my first training. She was there all the time, hitting my balls, my glans, flushing the toilet over my head, she was in the shop while the male vendor advised me on the pink ladies' underwear to buy, or in the park, searching for nettles... Lady Fabiola is a very good looking mistress who can be very dominant. The assignments doesnt toke a lot of time, but i thought 24/7 about Lady Fabiola. Although i had a bit of doubt wether online instructions would be "my piece of cake" i decided to surrender tot the online training of Mistress Fabiola and i must admit: online instructions are not my favourite, but Mistress does a great job making them as good as they come.

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