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"Mother Russia Cares." Uzbecks - extras; Announcer - Russian staff announcer SCTV's signal returns (Melvin and Howards is on).

Guy phones NBC for help, but they want to wait and see the overnights on the Russian shows.

Bobby Bittman as Caesar starts ad-libbing when the signal is interrupted. Announcer - Moranis Anna comes up with a 28 letter word for dog, but loses on a technicality.

Announcer - Thomas; Bobby Bittman as Caesar - Levy; Johnny La Rue as Pluto - Candy; Conspirator - Flaherty; Casta - Moranis; Hag - Martin; Senators - Thomas, extras 3CP1 on your dial, Russian television. The prize: qualifying for an earlier delivery date for a Russian automobile.

Giorgy - Candy; Comrade with Car - Moranis; Arguing couple - Flaherty, Martin; Comrade - Thomas; Uzbeks - Doug Steckler, extras; simple happy Russians - extras; Announcer - Thomas Strelnokoff, when work is done.

(Note: theme is an old Miller Beer jingle.) Igor - Levy; Workers, police, Waitress - extras; Announcer - Thomas; Worker chorus - Thomas, Moranis, Levy; Uzbecks - extras Tibor's Tractor is actually Kruschev reincarnated.

For the new season, the 90 was dropped from the name and the show became SCTV Network, and the show received a facelift - a new generic opening, theme music by Ira Newborn, along with new logos and bumper graphics.

Sets were changed as well - Guy now has a large wood-paneled office.Announcer - Moranis Ivan and Valeri welcome new viewers in Melonville. Host: Nikolas Harmelov - Moranis; Victor Kametsky - Levy; Anna Petrovich - O'Hara Feliks puts Argentina, Australia and Texas into Russia.Host: Feliks Dzerzninsky (Deshinrinsky) - Thomas Beware of the ones who would undermine Mother Russia.Sid Dithers - Levy; Yissel Dithers - Al Jarreau; Engineer - Paul Flaherty; Linda Mc Cartney - O'Hara; Rabbi Knish - Flaherty; Phil Silvers as Cantor Silvers - Moranis; congregation - extras; announcer - staff announcer The Gourmet is interrupted by CCCP 1.Al Pacino - Thomas; Announcer - staff announcer Giorgy helps the good people of Russia.Also includes the superb Perry Como promo sketch, used as the clip at the Emmy awards, and the excellent parody of The Jazz Singer featuring Al Jarreau.