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At least 29 suspects are being rounded up during a four-day operation in a bid to disrupt networks responsible for the supply of narcotics to large parts of Preston - and the violence they use to stay in business.

DCI Steve Holgate said: “We are looking at individuals who have been identified with respect to drug supply offences and who have a huge impact on our communities through anti-social behaviour and the violence associated with drug crime.“By carrying out an operation like this it sends a clear message to these people.

The assembled media were immediately targeted by the prisoner, who kicked over a wheelie bin and swore at the cameras as he was led away and placed in the back of a van to be taken off to the city’s police station for questioning.

People will be convicted.“In Preston over the last 12 months we have had some really significant convictions of drug dealers.We want to use that information to go to the next generation of young people who might look up to the people who drive around in expensive vehicles and think that this is attractive.“Well, the message today is that if young people want to go on that course of activity then they will spend the next 10, 15 or 20 years of their lives in prison.“Crime does not pay.“There is also a strong message to the people affected by this. As the manager of the DNS root zone, we are responsible for coordinating these delegations in accordance with our policies and procedures.A FORMER Lord Mayor of Bradford is standing trial at Leeds Crown Court, charged with misconduct in public office.At the same time, Leeds City Council was trying to secure a place for a girl and in the circumstances, Nexus Assist, an ‘off-list provider’ was asked to help.

As the company was newly-created, staff from the children’s services department set about trying to find out more about the organisation.

The jury heard Bradford Council is part of the White Rose consortium, which tenders services for those leaving care.

In May 2015, an opportunity arose for Nexus Assist to begin the process to become registered with the consortium, but did not pass the pre-qualification questionnaire, so a formal tender was not submitted.

Arriving at the target address - a small semi-detached property in a cul-de-sac - officers in protective gear marched up to the front door, with one PC carrying a heavy metal battering ram nicknamed “the big red key” in case a forcible entry was required. A knock on the door was answered almost immediately and the police filed straight in, carrying a search warrant which had been issued by a court over the weekend.

Inside were a man, a woman, a baby and a school aged child.

The police will use the information and intelligence that the local communities bring forward.“If they pass information on that evidence will be acted upon.“This is just one of a series of raids that have taken place over the last 12 months - and they will continue.”First raid of 29 targeted There was a strong media presence as Operation Lion roared into action at daybreak yesterday.