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I never thought I'd get something so soon after graduation or so good. I clock in about two hours before the residents turn down for the night. They just know how to treat a woman and were so charming. We played cards and listened to music and watched old movies together. His friends Tony and Fred would visit often though. I didn't even realize at the time he pocketed them but I was hoping he would want to keep them anyway. He moved closer to my aching wetness ever so slowly, teasing me.

You warm my heart baby." he seemed so touched I thought he might cry again. Nunez I'm not with family this year." now I wanted to build up to the surprise and make a grand entrance. I was just trying to be respectful." "Not David sweetie, Dave. " now I was being a naughty girl and speaking in a low sultry voice. " David had given me the recipe last new years and I was in love with the drink ever since. You being here is enough." We walk arm in arm to the lounge which is lit only by the red and green lights of the Christmas tree, the TV screen and the fake fire place. He lowers one hand and cups my breast learning I'm not wearing a bra but also curious what I have on my nipples.

Taking a break from time with your family to call me? "How about I call you Santa instead and you let me sit on your lap and I'll tell you what I want for Christmas? "It looks really romantic in here." Like a gentlemen he pours us both drinks, his being a double. I think to myself, "You won't need courage tonight honey." We sit together cuddling on the couch watching the end to its a wonderful life. "Mmmmm, damn baby where did you get this candy cane from? Now that he is kissing me for real I see that he kisses even better than he bragged about. The TV suddenly clicks off and David tosses the remote somewhere behind us.

"Mmmm," lifting one leg and opening myself for you Mr. "Mmmm so good," I moan softly, "I want you so bad Mr. David breaks the kiss and lifts my left breast biting the gift bow and pulling it off. " David squeezes my breast harder and sucks on my nipple sending me over the edge.

Making sure to cover my big dark brown areolas and nipples, I run the sponge over my smooth chocolaty skin. I get out of the tub and lotion my entire body with cocoa butter and spray myself with peppermint perfume. I never told him about my plans wanting it to be a surprise. I can feel how much wetter I'm getting and loving every bit of this.

Slowly I slide the slick Christmas delight into my slick Christmas delight soaking it in my wetness. I slip on a red thong with mistletoe printed on the front. "I don't want anything for Christmas except you David" I whispered softly into his ear exciting both of us. David broke my embrace and turned around and picked me up and hugged me tight. "mmm," his beard tickled the tops of my breasts and i let out a soft moan. "Come unwrap your gift baby." David smiles and returns to kissing me only now gently squeezing and caressing my soft breasts. i place my hands over his and squeeze my breasts harder showing him I like it a little rough.

I can feel my juices spilling down onto my fingers. Nunez is pressing both my soft mounds together now and sucking on both my nipples at the same time. I look in the mirror and blow myself a hot little kiss before placing one red and one green sticky gift bow on each of my nipples then I pull on a sexy low cut tight Christmas sweater. The residents often used these phones to call home and a lot of them received calls on these phones too. Nunez just kind of looked around and then finally picked up the phone. merry Christmas" he sounded almost upset he said that. I would love nothing more than to feel that luscious booty on my lap but Christmas is about family so you enjoy your time off." he sounded so sweet and disappointed. I slowly tiptoed behind him and covered his eyes with my hands. I toss the sweater to the floor and look at David seductively.The search turns deadly when Nathan Drake becomes stranded on the island and hunted by mercenaries.Outnumbered and outgunned, Drake and his companions must fight to survive as they begin to unravel the terrible secrets hidden on the Island. He was the best guy id ever met and the only guy I wanted to be with now. David just takes me in his big strong arms and gives me the hottest most passionate kiss of my life. He thought I was just a nice young girl taking pity on an old man. " he almost sounds like he's expecting this to be some cruel joke. I love you." I say with tears welling up in my eyes.I looked down and he was covered in my cream and it was dripping off his beard. Being covered in my fresh cum must have been a huge turn on because David picked me up and laid me next to the Christmas tree and took off my skirt. Not just long but thick and I could feel it twitching inside of me.