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 When pressed for exact chimney emissions, the company responded that it depends what is put through the system but may include sulphur dioxide (SO2) and ammonia  The company believes the two Thermal Oxidizer machines in the factory will have 99% odour control effectively.

 When questioned re actual volume of gas the escaping 1% of odour equated to, Lincoln Proteins were not able to provide a figure  The Flue height of the extraction chimney, visible to surrounding residents, has been increased since original plans were shared; this chimney will now be 25m tall  Other site buildings will be up to 13m in height, 30m in width and 100m in length.

Then on a dry but chilly dark night on Wednesday 18th October we hit the footpaths, byways and jetties of Bassingham.

Any support from the local community would be very gratefully received.

Last week, a few properties received a letter from a firm called Lincoln Proteins Limited advising that they intend to submit a planning application for a new animal by products processing plant at Villa Farm, Folly Lane, Norton Disney.

 The Skellingthorpe plant has received consistent complaints regarding odour  The technology planned for the Villa Farm Plant is not currently used elsewhere in the UK (there is a plant is Serbia) and thus not tried and tested.

 The plants odour control technologies will not be in place for the lorries bringing in the dead animals  According to the Lincoln Proteins manager, these lorries will smell - an insurmountable problem as the vehicles are the weakest link.

Many questions were asked during the 90 minute Q&A during which representatives from Lincoln Proteins and JH Walters acknowledged that:  There will be an odour impact and a visual impact if this new plant goes ahead and that they are considered to be a bad neighbour  The proposed factory will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  Lorries will be making deliveries through the night  Up to 75 HGVs may enter and exit the plant each day, plus 40 additional vehicles  Transport Assessments are still underway regarding the proposed A46 exit at Folly Lane but the current viewpoint is few improvements will be required, if any.

 Lorries will be permitted to cross the A46 dual carriageway  This will be a CAT 1 plant which will process Specific Risk Material including spinal cords.They did not initially advise the Parish Council why they wanted to hire the hall.Clearly the intention is to demonstrate to the Planning Committee that they were pro-active in consulting with the residents but at the same time, doing everything possible to keep it low-key so they can imply that we are all happy. Please attend the "exhibition" and make your feelings firmly known. An action group is being formed and will be formalised immediately after the "exhibition".We know the community relies on and appreciates the magazine, which has been going for over 50 years on one form or another.With your help, it will continue well into the future. Every little helps Lincoln Proteins Ltd (A Hughes and Son), Jerusalem Farm, Skellingthorpe, Lincoln are currently in the very earliest stages of preparing a planning application to redevelop the site at Villa Farm, Folly Lane, Norton Disney for a state-of-the-art animal by-products processing facility.Residents are encouraged to attend the event to find out what an animal by-products processing facility is and does and what effect it could have on the local environment.