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the engine has been stored in his basement but all other parts are in cold storage and here in minnesota it has been cold until the last few days.

here is a pic of the tank, pretty good representation of what most of the parts look like as for shape themy are in.

David Orr was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1946.He worked in that province as a store clerk, park custodian, library assistant, high school teacher, lawyer, and Provincial Court judge.Maybe a replica or an engraving (like in glass) or a vintage poster we can put in a frame, anything! Even if you only have the engine and gearbox, please contact me as well.So as we don't know anything about motorcycles, we started searching the net for information and found your site. Indonesia ug Ariel 500 Single Ariel 500 Single I have recently aquired a fleet of classics in varying state of disrepair and abuse (4 in total).One cannot get back the endless hours spent restoring it and the sentiment over this. We as friends cannot bring back his motorcycle, but we do want to do something. Cheers, Eelco Dammers Wateringen, The Netherlands Clutch for my 1935 Ariel 500cc Red Hunter Ariel 1935 500 cc Red Hunter I need a new clutch for my bike. It is in bits at the moment but all parts are meant to be there , if you could contact me i would love to find out , thanks regards Ian.

What we are looking for is something for him to remember the bike by. Want To Buy Ariel Square Four under the 53's Ariel Square Four Does anyone here have the 51 Ariel Square Four that you want to sell?The journey to the heart of the rebellion is long and full of anguish.When the militia reach the West, things go tragically wrong, and their once-heroic cause is marred by the cynical realities of politics, and the harsh realities of war.Were any aftermarket frames sold as frames only available at the time for purchase and if so did they receive dedicated frame numbers that would differ from production motorcycles? I'm certain that the frames first redesign for use through manufacturing started in 1952 for the 1953 model Mark II released as one of that years models.Aftermarket frames made available, and where they were marked and how, and with what designation will be most interesting.I have an old frame with spoked wheels, two almost complete, but dismantled engines, both with rocker cover mounting holes stripped, and two almost complete gear boxes, again dismantled. I am prepared for these to go to a good home, such as yourself for no charge. my father has owned this since the 60's and it has been apart since the early 70's.