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hi, i just started an account in demonoid & started seeding a file. and demonoid it's kind of ratio free you can't get banned for low ratio and the stats on demonoid are not updating... will it affect my ratio count in private trackers b'coz demonoid takes one day to update the ratio Disable DHT and check if you have open ports and if something blocking your utorrent EDIT: Maybe the torrent is overseeded try to download some fresh torrents with peers it should work...I had my computer running day and night, trying to upload as much as I could, but in the end I wasn’t even able to reseed my first download and I got nicked.Some time ago, I found out that there were ways to manipulate your ratio. Don’t be the parasite on the backs of this unconditional medium, try to support it as much as possible.I remember looking for a certain private tracker invite for a few months.

When I finally got in, I tried to get my ratio up as high as possible – stacking up reserves.

Find your router's/gateway's IP address and login and forward the port specified in utorrent under your computer's internal IP.

Use the cmd prompt and type in ipconfig to figure out the router IP and your internal IP.

The problem with Demonoid's tracker is it uses the IP address to track ratio and unfortunately that address is constantly changing. Here is a link from the Demonoid forums explaining the IP issue: If you're using u Torrent you should have a green circular icon near the bottom of the app.

If not, that means other peers will have difficulty connecting to you, aka you're NOT connectible.

Like I mentioned in the disclaimer, if trackers notice that you’re spoofing your upload, you’ll most likely get banned. The lower you keep this, the harder it’ll be to get noticed. By keeping your speeds low, and ruining your pattern, you can mislead these scripts., by changing the User Agent code and Client ID, although I’d advise you to refrain from this if you don’t know what you’re doing – messing up these codes will be like lighting a beacon.