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Get noticed by just one of the right people and who knows: You could get promoted out from under this guy sooner than you think — and then he’ll be somebody else’s problem.

Talkback: Have you ever worked for an autocratic boss?

You can set limits on how long you’ll tolerate it, and use the time to make yourself more marketable.” Let’s say you decide you can take one more year of this (assuming your boss sticks around that long). Autocrats, even more than most people, “hate to be blindsided,” Dufour notes.

“If you figure out what you need to get out of the job to help your career, and go after it, you have a positive incentive to serve out that term,” Dufour says. “Therefore, keep them informed of significant, and even relatively insignificant, developments.

Ms Wintour said she is particularly proud of the covers that have featured the 'women I sincerely admire,' namely, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

'Those are benchmarks for the magazine and certainly covers I have been very, very proud of.'I think it's to be true to yourself.

Helping your boss compensate for his lack of soft skills “won’t earn you thanks.

In fact, he may resent your ability to do something he can’t,” notes Dufour.Refuse to be a “yes man.” Although many people try to appease an autocrat by telling him exactly what he wants to hear and following every order to the letter, “this is a huge mistake,” Dufour says.Instead, “wait until you’re convinced your manager is making a huge mistake” — one that will jeopardize his own stated goals — “or until you come up with a better idea that you truly believe in.” Then, make a concise, logical case for your approach: “Emphasize the positive outcome.Who was the worst boss you ever had, and how did you cope? Now, as she is named 69th on the most powerful women list alongside other fashion figures, Diane von Furstenburg, Muccia Prada and Gisele Bundchen, Ms Wintour seems either in denial, or keen to right a wrong.I’ve consistently kept my skills up to date through multiple technology evolutions, and my knowledge of my field is far superior to his.