Montana express dating

By simply carving out some moments just to be together you'll feel more connected and in touch.(Chances are you'll start having more sex, too.) You don't have to wait for the sun to go down to spend quality time with each other.Watching a movie together is an easy way to enjoy a little downtime in each other's company.

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But it's hard to give yourself entirely to someone else if you never have any time alone.Make sure to carve out at least a few moments of "me time" each day to regroup – listen to your favorite playlist, take a walk around the block, or call a friend.For instance, you can commute to work together or grab lunch once a week.It's surprising how relaxing conversation can become when you're meeting in the middle of the day and there's no baby or chores to worry about.Life with a newborn can make it seem like you and your sweetie are just ships passing in the night.

What better way to slow down and reconnect than by telling your love how you feel.

With a new baby comes a busier life – and less time to spend with your partner.

It's normal for your relationship to play second fiddle to your new baby for at least the first year or so.

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