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But you can be sure the TV show won't be venturing into territory so mundane. At the Worst-Case Institute, which must be where suitcases and briefcases go when they flunk out of the Good Housekeeping Institute, the focus is on danger with a capital D-cup.So tomorrow we learn how to jump into a trash bin from the roof of a three-story building while wearing a skintight, low-cut jumpsuit; how to roll down a steep hill; how to jump 40 feet into a body of water, and -- my personal favorite -- how to survive when your pants leg gets caught on the plane's landing gear while skydiving. Mike Rowe is the genial, somewhat smirky host who reminds us not to try these things unless we absolutely have to.

Before this he and The talented American actor and host was born in Baltimore. He worked for the two TV series and got enough fame from them. Furthermore, he is starred in number of commercials.

He started his professional career as an on-air host for the QVC.

As if to lend gravity to the situation, Rowe is surrounded by lab-coated people at the institute, some carrying clipboards and looking very serious.

But, Mike, how will we get good at it if we don't practice? Regular rehearsal, maybe once a week or twice a week, would be a good thing, no? We should just watch the experts from the Worst-Case Institute -- honest, I'm not making this up -- and file away the information for use later.

This launched his animation career as a writer and producer on such series as "Family Guy" and "Futurama." Along the way he was awarded 5 Emmy nominations (with 1 win), 2 Annine Awards (with 1 win) and a WGA Award for his Futurama episode, "Game of Tones." Mike was also co-exectuive producer on Comedy Central's animated series "Brickleberry" and a contributing writer on Danny Mc Bride's animated series CHOZEN on FX.

In 2013 he wrote and produced a documentary on The Improv comedy club.

Do you (a) force yourself to watch the premiere of "Worst-Case Scenario," (b) hurl yourself headfirst at the TV and shatter the picture tube, or (c) break a window with your feet, leap into the shrubbery (making sure to land flat on your back to spread out the force of impact), and tuck and roll to a neighbor's house? It's TV cashing in on a publishing phenomenon that now encompasses several categories, such as travel, dating, even golf.

The original book, a little yellow volume first published in 1999, offers helpful hints on how to leap from a motorcycle to a car, how to maneuver on top of a train to get inside, how to win a sword fight and how to deal with a charging bull. ) With its don't-even-think-of-trying-this disclaimer prominently displayed, the book also has sensible tips, such as how to treat frostbite.

Mike, as a teenager, started as a stand up comic in New York City where he performed at such notable clubs as The Improv, The Comedy Cellar and Caroline's.

From there he landed a job writing jokes for SNL's Weekend Update and sketches for shows on MTV, A&E and Comedy Central.

This talented man has gained much respect and income throughout his career that he deserves.