Martin dating pam

Played by: Teri Hatcher Appears in The Implant Elaine suspects that Jerry’s new girlfriend Sidra has fake breasts.

When she meets her in a sauna at the gym, she accidentally trips into her and gets a feel.

One night they were watching TV and came across the ‘naked station’, which got them to think about becoming friends with benefits. Played by: Gretchen German Appears in The Phone Message Jerry begins talking about his tan cotton dockers and how much he hates the commercial.They establish a set of rules to help avoid the complications that can arise when two people sleep together. When Donna says that she kinda likes the commercial because the dialog rings true for her, Jerry is perplexed and tells all of his friends.Donna gets upset with Jerry when Kramer and George both meet her and mention that she likes the commercial.Played by: Cynthia Szigeti Appears in The Library .Jerry’s doesn’t believe that he owes some money to the New York Public Library, so he looks up his old high school girlfriend, Sherry Becker.

Jerry meets with her at the coffee shop and he finds out that his recollection of Sherry was a bit different than reality.

Played by: Lynn Clark Appears in The Stake Out & The Stock Tip (thanks to pebbleangst for identifying ) Jerry meets Vanessa while attending a dinner party with Elaine.

Jerry learns that she works at a Law Firm called ‘Simon, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft’, and decides to stake out her office to ask her out.

When she comes to stay at Jerry’s, he is surprised to learn that she’s engaged after her fiance calls her at Jerry’s apartment.

Unfortunately for Jerry, he agreed to take a 4 hour boat ride around Manhattan with her before learning about her fiance.

Played by: Jennifer Campbell Appears in The Pick Jerry has a date with Tia Van Camp, the Calvin Klein model he met on a plane.