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Now we’ll look at more positive expressions of Mars Saturn aspects.

In this article, we’ll explore the dark side of Mars Saturn aspects (especially conjunction, square or opposition) and then look at ways to unlock their constructive expression.The Shadow Side of Masculinity Unless your natal Mars or Saturn happens to be well placed (in Capricorn, for example), hard aspects between them tend to be experienced in their shadow form, at least in the beginning.These shadow manifestations are indeed challenging, and quite common among people with a highly stressed or retrograde Saturn.With Saturn Mars aspect in particular, there seems to be difficulty with the emotions of anger as well as constructive self-assertion.In early life, this tends to manifest as father wounds. As a young child, your father was the model of masculine authority – he was possibly the highest authority in your world.

If your emotional bond with your father was strong and supportive, you were able to grow with confidence in your ability to assert yourself and assume responsibility in the world. Mars-Saturn aspects’ reputation for ruthless, controlling and even brutal behaviors could actually be originating from a deep feeling of powerlessness.Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio at birth is a real piece of work and clearly just beyond cool vibe.Here are some of the people who had it/have it: Anne Hathaway (I know she has her detractors but think what she brought to Cat-Woman), Jane Birkin, Patti Smith, Marina Abrahamovic, Marianne Faithfull, Ada Lovelace – the Enchantress of Numbers – and – i am adding her as she seems culturally very NOW – Tonya Harding. In short, they tend to become unstoppable, especially if aided by boosters such as Jupiter or Pluto.Noel Tyl uses phrases like “Resourcefulness” and “Indomitable Will” to describe Mars Saturn aspect.While there are no quick fixes, recognizing the father wound and accepting its pain is certainly the beginning of healing.