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You are lucky if a man knows that women can have an orgasm at all. The rest of male population is predominantly ignorant and quite cool about it. There is a fear of female sexuality that is still very present in our society.

Off course, there are a few men who know a lot about the subject. IF YOU ARE A WOMANMost women know just two types of orgasm their bodies are capable of.

Did you know that there are SO MANY types of female orgasm?!Do you want to become such a good lover so that you know more about women’s bodies then they do?If it’s a male lover, he will take care NOT TO EJACULATE TOO QUICKLY.The golden rule here is, “LADIES ALWAYS COME FIRST.”How does this kind of female orgasm feel to a woman?As a good lover, you should know that and give your woman a few minutes of rest.

This kind of female orgasm can be given: How does this kind of female orgasm feel to a woman?This off course may vary greatly from person to person. THE G SPOT ORGASMThis orgasm begins at the G spot and may stay there while building and release or it may powerfully explode through the whole body. This area on the front wall of the vagina becomes that same mysterious and sensitive spot… In fact, this process is very similar to the process of male arousal.As a result, the urethral sponge becomes “erected” and if you touch, it feels firm. The only difference is that it all happens on the inside of a woman’s vagina.Many women describe this kind of female orgasm as “less intense” then clitoral but more deeply felt.They feel it as a pressure that slowly grows and explodes deep inside of a woman’s vagina. I remember my girlfriends having this orgasm for the first time. If you want to know more, read this article about the G spot. During sexual arousal, the tissue surrounding the urethra becomes engorged with blood and the Paraurethral/Skenes glands produce and fill with prostatic fluid.This kind of orgasm takes longer time to achieve and rhythmic thrusting is often the best way to it.