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She is grounded in everything from jazz combos to orchestral rock, and has already earned a large and loyal following as the lead violinist and concert master in Josh Groban? Throughout his world tour, the young musician has been receiving standing ovations and wide acclaim.The New York born, Hawaii-raised artist has incredible range and eclecticism, stemming from her being a dedicated student of violin from the age of three, making her orchestral debut with the Honolulu Symphony at the age of six, and attending the famed Julliard School of Music.So, sit back, listen, and relax – or, in some cases, headbang.

Για να εξατομικεύουμε περιεχόμενο, καθώς και για να προσαρμόζουμε τις διαφημίσεις και να μετράμε την απόδοσή τους αλλά και για να παρέχουμε μια ασφαλέστερη εμπειρία, χρησιμοποιούμε cookies.Αν κάνετε κλικ ή μεταβείτε στον ιστότοπο, συμφωνείτε ότι μπορούμε να συλλέγουμε πληροφορίες μέσω των cookies τόσο στο Facebook όσο και έξω από αυτό.She was born in New York City to a family of both Korean and Italian descent.She toured in 2008 with acclaimed jazz trumpeter Chris Botti.😀 So I thought this would be a great time for a new Ode, and one with a different music style than the rock and metal I’ve showcased in the past.

In other words, no headbanging and loud guitar riffs this time.Nota del diario El Mercurio de Chile Breve informacion sobre Lucia Micarelli: Nacida en Queens, New York, en 1983. Estudió en las prestigiosas Julliard School of Music y en la Manhattan School of Music.Ha estado de gira como concertmaster y primera violinista con la Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Josh Groban y Jethro Tull, entre otros.Help PBS continue to offer all Americans -- from every walk of life -- the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds through television and online content. Andrea Bocelli & David Foster My Christmas Live At The Kodak Theatre. My 3 novels: "The Story of S___;" "When Alice Met Her Favorite Movie Star in an Elevator," and "The Pop Star and the Child Prodigy." All 3 deal with aspects of autism spectrum disorders, tho the third doesn't mention that explicitly. I grew up with parents who were classical music fans. After I saw it, I could never look at the violin quite the same way. Fortunately, she got surgery and can now play again, though she apparently still is not quite 100%. is a bi-monthly meme where I pick one of my favorite musicians / bands and share some of my favorite songs by them.