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“Eva and Tony have never been happier together, and Eva wishes the same happiness for Teri,” her publicist, Liza Anderson, said in a statement.Longoria and Kay were linked in 2004, and he directed her in a television movie, that the romance did not develop after he called her and said, “I don’t think I can do this with you.” Longoria began dating Parker in 2005 and has described their first meeting – in the San Antonio Spurs’ locker room – as lust at first sight.

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They went public fairly quickly and were seen repeatedly throughout 20.Eva talked openly about their relationship and all seemed well with the couple.In 2007, a few months after their wedding, Tony was accused of an extramarital affair with model Alexandra Paressant.Both he and Eva vehemently denied these allegations.Eva Longoria once said that she and Tony would love to be together forever, but that you only get forever by taking one day at a time.

It doesn’t sound as if she ever considered divorce.But then she probably also didn’t think that Tony would cheat on her in any way.The two still appeared happy in October 2010 on The Ellen De Generes Show, where they cuddled on Ellen’s sofa. She probably wasn’t snooping around; otherwise she would have discovered the text messages in question much sooner.Tellingly Tony surprised her on the show, but Eva said that her husband can’t get anything by her. She eventually discovered all those explicit text messages he had exchanged with Erin Barry, the wife of another player. But how she discovered the messages doesn’t even matter at this stage, because she found them and it ended her marriage.Later she said that she didn’t want to just accuse him of anything or leave him right away. Even if the cheating never went beyond those text messages, Tony Parker strayed in his thoughts and had at the very least fantasies about another woman.Eva very steadfastly stood by his side and Tony even filed a suit against the website that first purported the allegations.