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" His name was Mike and in his profile, he sounded nice, had his own place, lived close by, had his teeth, but was 49 years old. Then when I told him I had to get some sleep he called me.

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So, life hasn't exactly turned out the way I had hoped it would. But here I am 30, divorced, broke, living with my parents, and raising my son on my own.I work long hours and pay my bills to be able to provide a life for my son.We agreed to finally meet and get a coffee one night to get that first awkward meeting out of the way.I explained to Mike that I was a little overweight and hadn't dated in about 4 years.He too didn't have a lot of free time and worked a lot because he was divorced father of 3 and being a responsible parent paid child support and spent all his free time with his children.

We continued talking to each other for weeks getting to know one another.I told Mike this and he said he was fine with that and that he understood but "can we still build on the friendship that we already started? I'm glad we met each other and really would like for us to continue being friends" Mike and I would still talk every day and make fun of people who would message us on the dating site.When we had free time, we would go to the movies and out to eat.Plus, I'm 49 so you are the hot young chick to me." I really liked that response and forgot what it felt like to have a guy pursue me.I really liked how I was feeling about all of this and how Mike reacted and responded to me.My insecurities were starting to overwhelm me now that it was time to meet.