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I got the summons and I have 2 days left and I can't seem to contact or seek a lawyer. Please help me, how can I stop this divorce from happening? Reduce your payments to ease the strain on your monthly expenses.

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Learn from the experience, and make sure you never hurt someone else so badly in the rest of your life.

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So, yes indeed, you blew it, and sitting about crying isn't going to help either of you, either, is it ?

Do, urgently, contact a lawyer, otherwise the divorce could happen rapidly, while you're still feeling sorry for yourself, and without at least having the lawyers assistance to protect your interests, and maybe to slow down the process to give a chance of finding other ways for you both to handle this. Do you need a huge capital to start off your business proposal or expansion? You certainly cannot prevent the divorce from happening just by wishing it so. FILL IN THE ABOVE INFORMATION AND SEND IT TO THE CONTACT INFORMATION BELOW: EMAIL:[email protected] to JENNY MICHELLE Dear Customer Are you tired of seeking loans and Mortgages,have you been turned down constantly By your banks and other financial institutions, We offer any form of loan to individuals and corporate bodies at low interest rate. But frankly, your husband would be completely justified in refusing to delay the divorce, and a court is likely to support him in that view. If you are interested in taking a loan,feel free to contact us today,we promise to offer you the best services ever. Doesn't he deserve to be able to move on with his life, without waiting for the next time you feel "angry" and cheat again ? People really don't do what you have done to someone they "really love" and they definitely don't do it twice. Get the best for your family and own your dream home as well with our General Loan scheme. Housing, Education, Real Estate, Purchasing of Instruments etc? Merrill Lynch Loan Firm can assist you with an urgent loan with 3% interest rate.